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Genericke 12-17-2012 01:11 PM

There have been far too many k*******s lately
Now that cleavers and Teemo have been nerfed. The worst part is how they're still able to do extremely well despite building nonesense like lich bane. So many games the much more skilled team is denied a win just because the other team has a k*******, and respawn timers + his mobility make it soooo easy for the enemy team to come back and stall.

Recently had a win where our team had 74 kills to their 52 kills. We had 104 assists to their 67 assists, and yet we only won 63 - 0 just because of how difficult it was to keep our points. We won so many teamfights and greatly outperformed them.

This needs to stop. I don't want to see Kassadin anymore but blind is the only mode to chose.

MajorUrsa 01-10-2013 09:00 PM

Nerf, disable, delete Kassadin. Fix this issue.

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