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spankinthyme 12-16-2012 06:04 PM

bruiser build ideas?
Hey guys, I usually play AD bruisers on TT such as Jarvan IV or Wukong. After BC got nerfed I've been pretty much going boots and dorans to start, and then getting brutalizer, phage, rushing BC, last whisper, trin force, and then going for some defense depending on how the game is going.

My question is, since the new patch, and since there is no guardian angel in TT (or at least i couldn't find it in the new shop search), what is a good build idea for dem AD bruisers? I also seem to have some defense issues...

Thanks in advance.

SaveTheMaids 12-18-2012 09:04 AM

Black Cleaver is still a really good item imo.

BrofessorF 12-18-2012 11:08 AM

usually on riven i run with a little more ad than defenses, but i usually go boots/long sword, build a bilgewater, finish merc treads, finish blade of the ruined king, maw, frozen mallet, atmas and finish with a ravenous hydra or last whisper depending on what i feel is more important

lee sin i run a more standard build of dorans+boots, phage, merc treads, frozen mallet, atmas, and maw, then i go for ravenous hydra and either a sanguine or a overlords bloodmail depending on if i need to deal more damage or if i need to be tankier

Bobinatorlol 12-18-2012 12:00 PM

Depends on the champion and your match up. For someone like Renek I typically get a sunfire first, especially if I am against another AD in lane. Then after that I like to build him tanky so Merc/Tabi+Sunfire+Spirit Visage+Zeke's+FM

Someone like Riven I go all AD. Start off double long swords. Get early lantern and boots. If fed buy dorans blades. Build is merc/tabi+ Lantern+BC+Hydra+Hexdrinker+Sanguine Blade If needed to be a little tankier I will buy a frozen mallet. If armor is a must I will get an omens.

I tend to buy a lantern on every bruiser top lane. The sight it gives is awesome. Allows you to light up a spot on the map so you can clear out a wave quickly without the fear of getting ganked any second. Plus the stats on it help a lot early laning phase. Oh and of course makes stealth champs hate you.

Edit: Forgot about LW but it is usually last to be built.

Infirc 12-18-2012 01:23 PM

sigh.. you are not even trying..black cleaver is a really good item and the nerfs barely touched it, making it usntackable amde that you no longer deal true damage to everyone on the enemy team, you still deal a buttload of shred though, or are you implying that you had to abuse an overpowered stackable item on an overpowered class so that you could win because you couldn't otherwise?

i hate these: Since X got nurfd wut replaces it and maeks my cahmpun bruken agein k thx bye?? threads..it showcases how "simple minded" some people are.

good job chimpy 12-18-2012 04:08 PM

i can't see why your saying he isn't taking bc, as he does...he is mostly asking for a replacement to ga and where people put in defense items into there builds.

anyway for me at least its just build ad, when i get focused down really easily see what did the most damage to me in the death recap and start building defenses for it, as i play a little safer.

Bobinatorlol 12-18-2012 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by good job chimpy (Hozzászólás 32588583)
where people put in defense items into there builds.

Pffft anyone on TT and anyone <1500 Elo SR should know the best defense is to have a better offense. So logically more AD!

Keep dying to Teemo shrooms? Either A) Build more AS/AD/LS B)Complain on the forums on how OP Teemo is. C)Both of the above.

But honestly it is dependent on the champion but most of the time for armor Omens is the choice most often picked for bruisers that need more armor. And Hexdrinker+Merc is the usual choice for getting more MR. Frozen Mallet somewhere in between for more health. After that it is all about the damage.

AndersMMO 12-18-2012 08:13 PM

Boots cloth 5 > Grez > Phage > Brutalizer > BC > Giant's Belt

That is a really strong core for basically every AD bruiser in the game, however there are obvious situations where this core won't apply.

But, I find myself running it most of the time, follow the Giant's Belt with either a FroMal or a Randuin's and then continue building to match from there.

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