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5cm per sec 12-15-2012 03:39 PM

Champions You've Never Played
What champions have you never played and why? Or What champion have you played once and vowed never to play again. Try to convince the post above you to play the champions the list.

For me it's Garen and Master Yi, the reasons are that when I started I was cursed, as was everyone else, to play with and against multiple Yi's and Garens. I just don't have any respect for people that play these champ.

blaknightofchaos 12-15-2012 03:46 PM

You should play AP Yi, he is fun :D. As for Garen, don't play Garen sorry, most boring champion ever with little skill required.

I have played every champ. I err, don't play trundle though?

Humanshortcut 12-15-2012 03:58 PM


I hate poppy. I couldn't make sense of her resource system (cost for abilities) - I know that it makes sense for poppy players but I just can't understand how to manage her abilities over a lengthy top lane phase. More importantly, laning against her is always irritating because of her stacking passive armor...you think you'll kill her, but surprise that line of damage you do to her is just a tiny little line and she gets away. I'd rather chase Singed, or get Gragas combo'd

Creepy4 12-15-2012 05:30 PM

Corki - I've laned with a Corki who spamed his joke and taunt commands once. I've learned to hate his voice.

Darius - I've only seen a free Darius week once. During that week he was instalocked by one of my teammates in every single game.

Draven - Never seen him free.

Fizz - Never seen him free.

Gragas - Just haven't gotten the opportunity yet. I plan to play him at some point before the rotation changes though, since he's free right now.

Heimerdinger - Never seen him free.

Kassadin - Same as Gragas.

Kha'Zix - Same as Darius, with the additional fact that Kha'Zix has only had a single free week since being released.

Lee Sin - Never seen him free.

Malzahar - Never seen him free, have not yet bribed my friend, who mains him, into letting me try him for a game or two on her account.

Rumble - Never seen him free.

Shaco - Never seen him free.

Shen - Never seen him free.

Trundle - Never seen him free.

Veigar - Never seen him free.

Viktor - Forgot to try him the one time I saw him free. Otherwise, same as Malzahar

Xin Zhao - He looked boring, so I never bothered to select him during the one week where I've seen him free.

(I would try to convince the poster above to play Poppy as we're supposed to, but honestly I hate Poppy as well. Whoever gets me should probably focus on either Corki or Xin Zhao, since all the other ones I've listed, I do want to try, I've just never gotten the chance to do so.)

Zarkof 12-15-2012 05:39 PM

I only ever play ARAMs so I usually get a lot, just not the ones I don't own.

I think I played Xin Zhao once or twice? Mostly just from ARAMs when he was free.

Never have really gotten Lee Sin. One time in an ARAM... didn't do so hot.

Only played Rumble once. Last year. He hasn't even been free this year, has he?

Never seen Fizz free either. Never played him ever.
Same with Hecarim.

During Fiora's free weeks I never got her for ARAM.

Think I've only played Trundle once or twice.
Same with Nocturne.

Haven't gotten Rengar yet.

Been playing for a couple of years, too :(

Viktor's pretty neat, once you get his E down. But I only ever play ARAMs and he's pretty godly in those so idk. And Shaco's a pretty good troll.

Jaykoboy 12-15-2012 05:40 PM

For me, it's Evelynn. I know she got buffed. I know she's slightly viable now. However, I can't get over her; she was the flagship character for trolling for so long, I could never live with playing her.

Also, quick note: I sort of main Garen, and I can tell you, he takes a lot more skill than you'd think. Sure, he's not entirely skillshots like Ezreal, but you have to be a master of timing and personal placement. Just like with Teemo, you have to be a master of map awareness.

Ask the String 12-15-2012 07:56 PM

Once you get the DFG + Ult + E combo down, no one can stand in your way. Plus getting kills with Eve is that much more rewarding considering her previous state.

I haven't played too much Skarner in a while. Just found his jungle too slow and blue reliant, especially when I got Lee Sin or Shyvanna to go as.

Creepy4 12-15-2012 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by Zarkof (Hozzászólás 32480969)
Only played Rumble once. Last year. He hasn't even been free this year, has he?

He's been free once this year so far, the week of June 19th to June 25th.

(I've already posted who I've never played)

warfighter101 12-15-2012 09:05 PM

for me ive never played karthus or darius because im the type of guy who likes to play fair and see my what my foes can come up with. But when i see a karthus get 3 kills from doing nothing to help the fight or a darius who kills my intire team with his ulti its not right. Can someone tell me a reason to play these guys without making me feel like a cheater to the enemy.

(if you cant jungle try to bot or top your heal is very good for staying in lane and your pull and q will keep them away.)

AODRG 12-15-2012 10:37 PM

been a bit skeptical about playing Zed. Just...anyone I've seen play him hasn't done significantly well enough.

(Karth is more than just press R. Gotta land those q's and your e's damage is insane with a deathcap and aa staff alone. With practice he can become a powerful enemy if used right. As for Darius...Yea he is just a R to win...but it's the way you use the R that matters!)

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