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Druiddroid 12-13-2012 05:15 PM

"You have been reported in X% of games"
Going back to this thread, it appears as though WookieeCookie has taken a stance that reports are deserved despite the Tribunal case being widely accepted in the thread as "pardon".

Now in this thread, WookieeCookie states:

Originally Posted by WookieeCookie
In some cases these games can be slam dunks, in other cases they may not be as clear cut. But if you get a guilty judgement you shouldn't just assume you were banned for "two games". A player is never banned simply for “two games”

WookieeCookie is making no sense here. Why shouldn't one just assume they were banned for two games? If the source of the ban was the Tribunal, and the two games deserved a pardon, then what other games are there to show this player "Hey! It wasn't just that! It was your other games! You were in the Tribunal for a reason, and punished justly!"

Following this sort of logic, should the Tribunal judges factor in that these players have been reported for more than just what is on the Tribunal? That they have been reported for many other things? Do judges need to factor in this random-ness factor that is applied? No. That is not the purpose of the Tribunal. It is to judge each case individually, without assumed context.

My conclusion is that this philosophy WookieeCookie holds should be changed. Either stop putting trust in the Tribunal, and just punish those who are reported in X% of games, or, have the Tribunal do its job and don't try to folly extra context to cases that do deserved to be pardoned. Take each Tribunal case as its own, and everything will be fair.

The Derrit 12-14-2012 06:30 AM

What's missing here is all of the statement leading up to that, saying that people get sent to the tribunal after several reports over several games, and that those raging about getting banned over "two games," say two toxic games from a tribunal report, had been reported many times before their case was brought against them. Thus, those two games were not the only reason they were banned, though in that particular case those two games may have been the only concrete evidence saying a ban was necessary. Nowhere did he say "we should ban people despite lack of evidence because we know they got reported a lot."

Use context next time. I really don't see how you could have misunderstood that.

Ellatan 12-14-2012 06:37 AM

Tribunal selects only a couple of random games out of convenience. That way the players participating in Tribunal process do not have to read dozens of reports. In case someone gets an unjust punishment in Tribunal, Riot will review the case the second time based on the support ticket. If they find toxic behavior outside of the games on the report card, the punishment will remain, otherwise they will overturn it. What part of that is unfair? Tribunal makes mistakes sure, however just because a person might not be at fault in games on the report card, doesn't mean he is 100% innocent. My only gripe is that Riot should provide players with updated report card upon review to demonstrate their toxic games.

mackman 12-14-2012 10:07 AM

Riot has always stated that Tribunal isn't their only tool to implement bans. If it was their only tool, then you would be right.

But it's not. And that means that if Riot looks into a ban that seems questionable, and in the course of their investigation they uncover further evidence that he really does deserve his ban, they're not going to overturn it even though, according to just his Tribunal cases, he may not deserve it.

And why should they? This isn't a court of law, where the truth can be twisted and it's up to the prosecution to prove guilt. Riot has all the info they need, and if they can see that he is obviously deserving of a ban, it would be counter-productive for them to overturn it.

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