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Caristinn 12-13-2012 11:02 AM

You can't get banned for having a bad game-- are you kidding me?
EDIT: A Rioter has responded. Response to it below.


I already made a thread to contest that suspension, but it was not given a response. I explained my rationale for deciding to sell my items-- our AD carry was doing poorly, and AP Annie falls off while AD Annie does have a relatively strong late-late game if your team is capable of protecting her (Graves has Smoke Screen, Amumu has an ult). I also never went afk in that match-- I have NEVER done that. Ever. Are there some games where I wish I could? Yes, like in that LeBlanc game. But I trudge on, and that ends with me dying more and more in a snowballing process. I'll be honest-- I'm bad at getting back in the game after getting curbstomped early game.

But is being bad at something truly a reason to be banned? Isn't this a PvP game, where one player or team will be worse than the other? You also have to keep in mind that there are some champions that actually can safely ult a minion wave (for example, Ezreal, Miss Fortune) if you know a team fight isn't coming.
Please read the link. The chat log is extremely short, and there's only two games.



First Game: I was reported for having the word "Girl" in my name. LOL? Does Riot even realize how incredibly sexist this community is? "go back in the kitchen you ho"

Second Game: I play support LeBlanc in normals (I usually do really well as unconventional supports. 3-0 as Support Teemo, 2-1 as Support LeBlanc). The problem is the enemy bot lane did really well, and I ended up with 0-13-5.

3 day ban. Done buying RP.

If you don't respond to flames, you get banned.
If you respond to flames, you get banned (this is how I got a warning before. I begrudgingly accepted this.)

What do you do if you do poorly in a match? Do you just AFK? That's reportable too.


but you said "i play leblanc to be a king ******bag"
That was in response to Zyra who asked "why you have to be so gay" after I bursted her to 15% of her health. Teemo, LeBlanc, and Singed are the holy trinity of annoying champions.


I never flamed back at anyone. The most flaming I did was comment to Lee Sin that Lee mid isn't a standard pick either, and telling Ezreal (constructively and politely) that he should poke with his Q when the enemies run into the brush.


you've been warned in the past
And I reformed after realizing that you're not allowed to respond to people insulting you. That wasn't enough, apparently. Even if you don't respond, the tribunal will still hit punish.


No. We do not remove or reduce suspensions that result from the Tribunal or Leaver Buster for any reason or under any circumstances.
Above is why I can't sent an e-mail.


I do hope that as a gold player you would know what you're doing that is getting you killed and causing you to end a 40 minute game at lvl 13. It does suggest trolling or afking. Just saying.
I didn't want to take experience away from the carries post lane phase. Also, LeBlanc falls off... like, really hard. This is before the preseason changes.

EDIT: If anyone wants to play together on their smurfs, post your IGN :3. Mine is only level 16, but I'm working on getting it to 30 before I'm eventually permabanned.

Caristinn 12-13-2012 11:09 AM

Bumping. Only way to get a thread up on Reddit is if you're well known.

LeBonkers 12-13-2012 11:10 AM

Reading the Card. Will edit post when finished so long as the thread hasn't been closed.

Edit: Those being the two games that were chosen, I'm not sure I'd punish. Obviously Game 1 is a total joke. Game 2...I can't tell if you're intentionally giving the game to the enemy or not. I can say I wouldn't want to play with someone who goes 0/13...simply because after a point I would hope that person would figure out why they're being caught and killed. That's the only "evidence" of it being intentional. Outside of that, you need a lot of reports to have a case made for you in the tribunal and then that case is built with 1-5 random recent games in which you played. You may be a giant troll...but impossible to tell from those two games. I would probably pardon...as I can't tell for sure.

I do hope that as a gold player you would know what you're doing that is getting you killed and causing you to end a 40 minute game at lvl 13. It does suggest trolling or afking. Just saying.

Edit2: How mature, you downvoted before I actually gave my opinion? Which ended up being that I would probably hit pardon? Hope that wasn't you OP, because it definitely showcases some great attitude/behavior.

2pudge1cup 12-13-2012 11:12 AM

this one is pretty ridiculous i gotta say. game1 was nothing. game 2 was borderline at best, at best.

Emperor Cha 12-13-2012 11:12 AM

I've seen alot worse from my little brother's kindergarten class

CupcakeTrap 12-13-2012 11:12 AM

I don't think I would have punished for this. I mean, in Game 2, you respond to insults with more insults, and that's bad, but it was brief and relatively mild. (It also seemed at least vaguely constructive, not 'u suck uninstall noob'.)

... but wait. What was your username?

Akesgeroth 12-13-2012 11:13 AM

We can't see what your name was in the report log, so I'm going to guess it was actually bannable.

Lady Mai 12-13-2012 11:13 AM

You were annoying. Be glad it was just a 3 day ban.

Ezreal [00:10:33] lb
Ezreal [00:10:36] get wards
LeBlanc [00:10:57] ...why
LeBlanc [00:11:05] it isn't lee you're losing to
Ezreal [00:11:07] cuz i cant even cs with that zyra in bush.
Ezreal [00:11:11] and you just keep dying
LeBlanc [00:11:18] you too
Ezreal [00:11:21] cuz i CNAT SEE
LeBlanc [00:11:36] push your lane out and actually fight varus? when you're playing varus, you need to actively dodge his skillshots
LeBlanc [00:11:40] and retaliate
LeBlanc [00:11:43] *against

You're playing support and you won't even buy a bloody ward? Just going to sit there and feed all game?

CupcakeTrap 12-13-2012 11:13 AM

But also, if you want this to get changed, you're going to have to assert that not only were you fine in these games, but you were fine in all the others that don't appear in Tribunal.

To even end up in Tribunal, you have to be one of the most-reported players in LoL. A lot of times, Lyte will come in, check the case, say "yeah, it's not so bad, but here's them calling everyone f-gs from a few weeks ago".

poonslayerhahaha 12-13-2012 11:14 AM

I honestly can say in those 2 specific games there was NO reason for a ban. Whoever clicked punish on those games should be banned.

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