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Owl Be Back 12-12-2012 04:56 PM

100 Rules to follow to be good at league of legends
Brought to you by the diamond reject, cardboardowl! (2199 elo season 2)

Here we go!

1: Don't chase singed.
2: Buy wards.
3: Work WITH your team not AGAINST them! (That means no raging)
4: Know something about every role, and everything about one role.
5: Look at the mini-map often.
6: Leash for you jungler. Guard your jungler early
7: Compete with honor.
8: Work with your team, but don't depend on them in solo Q. if you have low expectations, you can only be pleasantly surprised. STILL BE NICE THOUGH!
9: Early game, last hit, don't push.
10. Learn how to farm reliably.
11. Don't worry about "KSing", Give it your all.
12. If you stop thinking about getting a high elo and instead start focusing on becoming a better player, your elo will go up.
13. You aren't good unless you are #1.
14. Don't feed the trolls
15. Friend good teammates and play with them again
16. Don't build glass cannon
17.Never, ever, jungle without smite.
18. This game is all about gold. If you die stealing dragon, it was worth it. If two of you die, it was still worth it. if 3 of you die, it wasn't.
19. Don't farm bot alone after 30 minutes, the enemy will take baron.
20. Get an oracles to secure objectives. Or pinks if needed.
EDIT FOR SEASON 4! make sure to always have a pink ward on the map, and upgrade your sweeper early if they have a vayne, kha or someone else with relevant stealth.
21. A pink ward at dragon really hampers eves ability to roam.
22. HALT ! Don't play when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or Tired. (get it?)
23. Don't play ranked if you are "Bored" of your best champion picks. Go to normals to get that out of your system. Only play ranked when you are ready to play whatever you need to to win.
24. Your friends who are toxic are still that, TOXIC. Don't play with them, they will make you angry, and you may fight and lose a friend. not worth it imo.
25. have FUN!
26.Learn the difference between constructive feedback and being a passive-aggressive ass
27. Don't face check.
28. In draft, learn how to manipulate picks and bans when you have first pick to get a high value champion pick.
29. Sometimes another teammate ends up being the leader when you want to be the leader. Follow them anyway, even if you think you have better plans. A bad plan you team works together on is better than a good one only half your team follows.
30. Plan at least 2 minutes ahead.
31. Time the spawns of ALL you camps, and the enemies. Especially dragon and baron.
32. Sometimes your jungler needs a second blue. Don't rage over it.
33. The game begins in champ select. Start communicating and working together asap. It makes a good impression.
34, when you are winning, ward enemy jungle. when you are losing, your own.
35. Learn about counter picking.
36. Say "gj" when a teammate does well
37. Be active on the forums.
38. Dont go into ranked the second you hit level 30
39. Fit into your team comp
40. There are other maps besides summoners rift, go try them out! You'd be surprised what you can learn about a champions strengths and weaknesses when placed in different scenarios.
41.if you duo Q with a friend, be sure they are actually good, because matchmaking will inflate your elo and put you against a harder team.
42. if you have a free ventrilo channel, don't be afraid to ask your solo Q team to hop on for the match. It helps!
43. You can't win them all. 95% of all games are carry-able, but sometimes you have bad luck and get that 5% chance a few times in a row, Don't let it bug you, work through it and try to remember the times someone else carried you. (It happens more often than you would like to admit.)
44. Time-zones are a factor. If you play at peak hours for other countries who play on the NA server, it increases the chance of you not being able to communicate effectively. keep that in mind.
45. Help other lanes when possible, no matter what lane you are in.
46. It's not always the junglers fault.
47. If your jungler is getting invaded, and you don't help them, chances are they can't help you later.
48. Know proper item builds
49. Know when to NOT fight
50. Know exactly who you can duel
51. Know when to push and to not fight.
52. When behind, keep up farm and wait for the throw
53. never blame
54.get some rest
55. Don't play on a losing streak
56. Get other work done before play. Procrastination will occupy some of your mind
57. Sometimes if you death is assured, it's best to suicide into tower to avoid giving gold to the enemy.
58. When laning pretend you don't have a jungler to rely on whenever you make mistakes, doing this you can improve on your own mistakes much easier than throwing it off as the jungler's fault.
59. Try and find a premade team if you can. Its fun and can teach you alot
60. If you want to increase your map awareness, play pantheon, twisted fate, or shen
61. if you want to get better at last hitting, play nasus, veigar or gangplank.
62.play every champ on their free week if you havent before
63. Experiment with item builds. You may be surprised with what is effective.
64. Don't read guides from mobafire
65. use sites like Lolking and Leaguecraft
66.Learn something from every mistake
67. Never insult a teammate.
68. Know when to press an advantage
69. Move between auto attacks
70. Know your hotkeys. there is more than QWER
71. It takes a long time to get good
72. Learn when oracles is important
73. Take 5 to 10 minute breaks between every game to make sure you can refocus
74. Avoid tunnel vision
75. Sometimes, you don't need to take flash
76. Don't take clarity 99% of the time
77. Don't play when sick
78. Never Surrender
79. Don't buy tier 2 runes
80. Don't use the rune combiner
81. Flat runes are USUALLY better than scaling. Except for maybe ability power and Magic resist. But you can never go wrong with flat.
82. Never stop farming
83. Don't level to 30 on only bot games
84. Learn about EHP
85. Play with music in the background
86. If you got stomped in lane, watch a replay of that game and figure out exactly why
87. Understand that tier lists do not mean a champion is the worst or best and realize what they are for
88. Know the difference between roots, stuns, and supressions.
89. Don't be afraid to ask for help
90. If you want to master a champion, never give up and say you aren't good with them. Sometimes it might take 100 games. Go for it.
91. Everyone throws every game quite a few times. The trick is knowing how to catch.
92. Watch tournies
93. when going in for a gank, try to wait for a person to go in to get a last hit. sometimes even if they are playing safe they wont resist that gold.
94. Read the patch notes
95. Learn the difference between additive and multiplicative, specifically to scaling stats.
96. Sometimes dodging champ select is a good idea
97. You could probably click less.
98. Learn the flow of minions pushing and the timing of waves.
99. When fighting against skillshot opponents, stand behind minions!
100. Minions often do more damage then champs in lane around levels 1-4. Dont underestimate them. Supers are strong end game too.

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SomeGuyyy 12-12-2012 04:58 PM

dont 1 man invade

ArielOw 12-12-2012 04:59 PM

Don't play Teemo.

ya hes op redux 12-12-2012 04:59 PM

ban himerdonger

Pijan 12-12-2012 04:59 PM

1-99. Look at your damn mini map
100. Positioning

IG VanityCrysis 12-12-2012 04:59 PM

Playing Draven is an automatic win.

I Eat Slippers 12-12-2012 05:00 PM

5:Buy a Black Cleaver.
6:Another Black Cleaver would be good.
7:Maybe another Black Cleaver.

Toki Doki 12-12-2012 05:02 PM

8. keep laughing at the 2199 elo person
9. osu does help with reflexes

RavenHusky 12-12-2012 05:02 PM

Don't be a jerk.

Doct0r Phil 12-12-2012 05:03 PM

5. Educate yourself on items, guides, and strategies.
6. Accept your mistakes during games and learn from them.
7. Understand champions and their counters.
8. Learn to last hit effectively.
9. Be willing to support.
10. Build a team composition that compliments each other.
11. Utilize your mini map
12. Be open to suggestions
13. Practice champions in normals or against bots

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