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Power 0f Evil 12-12-2012 11:25 AM

Why is Malphite so op?
I understand some of it, like being resistant to harass and having great utility with his cc. This includes his seismic shard and unstoppable force. Brutal strikes is great at farming, and ground slam can shut down a carry..but why does this get him banned to the point of blitzcrank and shen?

Murdock328 12-12-2012 11:34 AM

same reason most champs are banned.
He's extra obnoxious. Like shaco bans. It's rarely because shaco counters a teamcomp, more often it's because he's incredibly annoying even in incompetent hands.

Malphite is obnoxious because 1: he can build w/e he feels like and be effective [ap, as, armor, mr, health. He scales with everything]
2: He is an immovable force, which is kind of funny because he's a rock. But he indeed can't be just removed from a lane because his ult is a strong escape, his Q makes him faster and you slower.
3: He has burst AND sustained damage. [ult+Q+smash does a frightening amount of damage, while brutal strikes will mess up your face]
4: damage from durability is/was almost always an issue. [ryze, galio, rammus until his nerfs]

adc 12-12-2012 12:06 PM

Play Malphite against an Elise and watch him weep.

Malphite is a playmaker. Blitz and Shen are playmakers. They're not overpowered (though obviously they're strong), but they get **** done. Blitz can hook someone, Shen can flash taunt or ult in and make bottom lane a 3v2, etc. Malphite can flash ult, he can slow, and he can shut down the enemy carry fairly effectively.

With a well coordinated team, Malphite won't be a problem. His ult AOE is fairly small, so you don't group and you keep him off your carry at all costs. However, most teams aren't that well coordinated, especially at lower levels of play - so he can get **** done. He has good initiation and can catch teams off guard far more effectively than a hero like, say, Vayne, who got banned 8 times and picked 24 times at IPL5 (to Malphite's 14-10).

Grollm 12-12-2012 12:08 PM

I love when Malphite isn't banned and I get to jungle him :)
I once had a game where I was Malphite Jungle, we had Shen top, Diana mid, Graves and Alistar bot. The enemy team of course dodged, haha.

Morbidanimosity 12-12-2012 12:13 PM

malphite has ridiculous tankiness;
his passive is a free sheild that can absorb most poke if you play right,
he has a humungous slow that does decent damage even when built pure tank (when built ap, it hurts bad)

he has a built in passive tiamat which makes him a great pusher, as well as its a huge temporary armor/ad booster (which is good without any ad even cause im pretty sure he has nice base ad)

he has an aoe that does damage that scales off ap AND 30% of his armor (used to be 50% of his armor, it was pretty op), that is ALSO a huge attack speed slower

he has one of the best initiating ults in the game, his ult is the difference between a won or lost teamfight. not to mention that his ult is deadly when built as AP malphite (usually will drop most people to about half hp or less i find)

JRiMi 12-12-2012 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by Grollm (Hozzászólás 32358822)
I love when Malphite isn't banned and I get to jungle him :)
I once had a game where I was Malphite Jungle, we had Shen top, Diana mid, Graves and Alistar bot. The enemy team of course dodged, haha.

This is funny BC I had this same comp with I think caitlyn adc and the other team dodged lol.

Also yeah malphite can wreck a solo que teams face BC, as someone above me stated, lack if team coordination

speced 12-12-2012 03:34 PM

Simply why malphite is banned. Great initiation and synergizes with many team comps. Really tanky hard to kill late game. Also he can actually do alot of damage. If you are playing against this sort of champ, be sure to gank him alot and shut him down early game for a fairly easy win as long as your team does alright in lanes.

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