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chiefnuknuk 12-12-2012 08:01 AM

a quick apology and a request
So for some reason on Monday the game kept crashing on me during the loading screen. Got some bugsplat message thing. Either way I could never get into a game after champ select. Which probably caused quite a few games to be thrown... Sorry to them. I'm new with computers / computer games. Didn't really know how to fix it. Ran the repair a couple times and still no good.

A friend suggested that I just reinstall it. But now I'm banned because the game kept crashing on me. Only level 8 but my friend did get me that starter pack thing. I think reinstalling it fixed it but I cant really check. He said I should have tested it in "custom" games... Just learned what that is, too late xD

Sorry to the teams that lost. And can Riot help me out here?

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