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kFrog 12-11-2012 09:39 PM

New Razer Blade laptop - Bad frame rate
Hey folks. I recently picked up a new Razer Blade laptop and, while it is a powerhouse with every game I play ... League of Legends is giving me all sorts of issues.

I think it's a frame rate issue, but I'm not exactly sure what is going on. When I'm playing and spell effects start going off, my frame rate drops, and then speeds up when the spells are done.

I've been able to somewhat control the issue by running the game in windowed mode and at a 1600x900 resolution (native is 1920x1080). I've turned off V-Sync, updated drivers, and have the game running on the lowest settings across the board. I've tried capping my frame rates at 60 ... 30 ... just nothing I try seems to work.

So I'm turning here. If anyone has had experience with the new Razer Blade laptop (660M card) and league of legends please chime in. There is no reason I can think of that this machine would have so many problems with this game out of the box and updated. Here is to hoping someone can help me out!

Reiji Ozora 12-12-2012 02:09 AM

So here's the thing. You have just run into something from the preseason patch. Search "FPS" in this forum and you will find multiple instances (in multiple threads) of people having this same problem. It is not your computer, it is the game. Until they patch the patch to fix this problem, it will continue to persist.

I wouldn't expect a Riot response to this though. According to the research I have done on this (looking back 15 pages on FPS results search), Riot has not responded to a single thread about help for FPS in over a month. I stopped there just because I didn't really care to see just how many months/years it has been since they had.

kFrog 12-12-2012 08:39 AM

Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'll keep tinkering around with this issue and if I find any sort of a fix I'll update this issue.

One of the things I haven't tried is running off the integrated graphics on my board to see if I see any sort of a boost in performance. My desktop doesn't have this FPS issue, so I'm curious if there is a conflict between the client and my hardware.

Another thing I'll be trying is hooking my computer up to an external monitor and try running the game off that. Again, doubtful that will be a difference but it's something I haven't tried that I heard could help.

Outside of that, my next thought is to reformat the laptop ... another thing I've heard from others that has helped performance. I'll keep clawing around until I'm satisfied there is nothing left that I can do on my end, but since this laptop is rather known amongst gamers, I was hoping others with a Razer Blade could share in their testimony as to if this game runs well for them or not.

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