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Hiddenseek 12-11-2012 08:20 PM

Uncut Gaming [UG] Recruiting Members, Teams and Managers!
Uncut Gaming

Uncut Gaming was established on July 13th 2012 by a group of friends from various games. We were each equipped with immense background knowledge as all of us had prior to this spent countless hours of gaming. We also had a great deal of experience with organizing gamers in guilds, clans, and other sorts of groups, all of this within a wide span of various types of games and genres.
Most games we saw, had their own official communities, and communities created by groups established within the game such as guilds, leagues and clans. We wanted to expand from this and create a community that would not tie you to one particular game to play with certain particular people, but span over many games offering a choice for people between many games within the same community. This way we are offering a social and competitive space from all kinds of people, from casual gamers of many games at once who simply like playing whichever game their friends are on at the time, to the professional gamers who aim to reach the highest level in one particular game. We will cater to all. We are a great success and currently expanding with many new members coming every week and more games being included.

We support any and all games that you can play with your friends!
Come to our TS3 and check us out!
You can connect directly from our website: http://uncutgaming.com

Our supported games include:
League of Legends
Diablo III
Starcraft II
World of Tanks
World of Warcraft
and more!

Mission Statement:
To provide a fun and friendly environment for gamers of all kinds to enjoy.

“Our aim is to expand our horizons beyond our currently supported games - League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and keep working to provide a "home away from home" for every one of our gaming buddies”

Are you hooked up on Ranked Games? You may either join one of our Teams or establish one of your own within our clan.
*We're looking for mature members, as well as Admins and Leaders.
What do we have to offer?
  • We have a big and very friendly community, which has many people online on teamspeak every day, there to play, hang or just have random chats. We maintain a teamspeak server with 512 slots, and offer to give a slot to your game/team. Unlike many other gaming communities, we do NOT run a basic enjin website, but our web team has created one from scratch which can be adapted to any need which may come up. This also means we are able to handle any issues that may occur on a very short notice, and a high level of security for both the website and our forums.
  • A teamspeak 3 server with 512 slots
  • NOT an enjin site, but an actual self-made website by our webteam. Suiting all our needs. Secure forums.
  • A constant fresh flow of new members, giving your team plenty of people you already know to choose from, and recruit. Or to even form your very own team with!
  • Room for Expansion: Anyone can establish a new Game Division within the clan by recruiting members and managing them.
  • Personal Development: Each Game Leader pretty much runs his/her own show. Like running a clan within a clan, but with all the ground work already in place.
  • A very well-organized community with stable leadership. We allow anyone who wants to create a team to attempt to create one. We have a program that allows you to create a team subforum and Social Group within Uncut Gaming..

How do you join?

Simply register on our website, and create a thread in the new members section located here: http://uncutgaming.com/forum/f79/ .
After you have done that, simply wait for a reply by one of our staff for further instructions on how to access our teamspeak server, and some general information about the community. This step is essential
and can not be skipped. Thanks for understanding.
There are no tryouts to join the community, but may be for joining a team in some of the games, for example ranked teams for League of Legends. Requirements for teams and groups within the community are up for them to decide and hold

For any qeustions, please contact one of the people in this thread: Staff
Email us at: info@uncutgaming.com
Or add our skype: UncutGaming

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