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DemosthenesPaean 12-11-2012 07:26 PM

Preseason 3 Warwick build - AP, not a cheese build.

Above is the link to the guide that is likely to be expanded. However the idea and the numbers are there. Below is the introduction paragraph to the guide and why I made this and also why I play Warwick this way as a solo top.

"A troll or a cheese build is a build that only works rarely and or in a specific situation. Previously an AP Warwick was considered a cheese since it works amazingly well in the lane phase but is easily shut down later on. The issue previously was that Warwick was dependant on how Q to do the damage and that is all. Because of how Malady scales, it validates an AP Warwick to the lategame as well still promoting a high attack speed.

Why is this a viable build? (NOTE:All numbers do not reflect target's armor/magic resist)
At lv18 and max gear, you would do...
Spellsword- 370ap/5% =18
auto hits- 330.38 dps (149 ap, 181 ad). (3303.8 damage over 10 seconds)
Auto hits with W active- 495.63 dps for 10 seconds (223.1 ap, 272.53 ad) (4956.3 damage over 10 seconds)

Assuming you Q between auto attacks-
Q's hit for 645, can be used every 3.97 seconds (twice in 10 seconds).
This will do...
4593.4 damage(459.3dps) in 10s w/o W active + 32% of target's max hp.
6246.3 damage(624.63dps) 10s w/ W active + 32% of target's max hp.
In both cases you will also regen 1032 hp through Q.

Warwick's R ability will also do 1190 damage."

I made this builde based on a previous popular on-hit WW build that does around the same numbers on basic attacks yet has the high sustain of an AP WW. The build is made as WW to be an AP bruiser, not an assassin. Also in this build you will not see the real numbers of the AP side until around lv14-16. however it isn't so say WW is useless before then.

DemosthenesPaean 12-16-2012 09:37 AM


Guy on a bus 12-16-2012 09:54 AM

Ok... a max build AD warwick would do 10k over 10s AFTER armor calculation with 0 armor maybe 20k?. This build doesn't impress me. (consider 1200 dmg crits twice per second)

Guy on a bus 12-16-2012 10:13 AM

Also a note on malady => it's really not that great unless you are actually doing mostly magic damage. Warwick's damage should be split about 70% attack damage, 30% magical damage.

Here is some maths for you.
AP compared to AD
Say you have 1000 AP.
Malady only does 100 extra damage on each auto attack.
Say you have 300 AD with crit chance near or at 100% 2.0 attacks per second with shiv and phantom dancer.
Not only are you getting the AOE hits from shiv, but you are doing (300x2.5)+(200x2.5) for the first hit.. and (300x2.5) for every hit on top of that.

So, 1250 dmg for the first hit. 750 dmg for every hit after that.

For easiness, let's make your atk speed an easy 2.0 hits per second
10 seconds = 1250 (500 aoe) + (750 x 20)
16,250 to a single target

If you get 1 blood thirster, completely maxed (20% lifesteal)
Over 10 seconds you heal

16,250x.2= 3250 health (Not counting passive lifesteal or Q lifesteal)

This build isn't counting skills at all.

So yes. AP WW is still a cheese build. Not worth it ImO

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