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Brofessor Jones 12-11-2012 11:30 AM

Cornelius, Professor of Sciences


Cornelius Has long blonde hair which is usually pulled tightly back into a pony tail. He sports a long lab coat, underneath he wears a vest with a dress shirt and tie. He also has a utility belt with a revolver holster on the right side along with a few vials and large circular button in the center. Also, he has a monocle, because this man is a **** mothering classy gent.

How he plays:

He plays in the mindset of somewhere between Batman and Sherlock Holmes. He is meant to succeed through preparation and planning. Just like the characters his playstyle takes after, he can beat anyone given the time to prepare and the correct execution. He plays the role of an ADC but could also function in any other lane as an assassin


Passive: Cornelius's Revolver: Cornelius sports a revolver and every 6 auto-attacks has to reload (reload speed lowered by attack speed) every 3rd clip, Cornelius does bonus damage with every bullet. Bonus damage is equal to 5% of the target's max HP (up for debate on the nature of the bonus damage) The reload speed at 1 attack/second is 2 seconds, at 2 attacks/second the reload time is 1 second.

Q: Target: Marked- Cornelius's next auto-attack deals bonus damage and increases the damage the target takes from Cornelius for 3/4/5/6 seconds by 5/10/15/20% . This auto-attack expends a bullet but if activated while on CD, Cornelius will reload instead at a hard 2.5 second reload time instead of scaled down time.

W: Acute Deduction: Cornelius marks a location (similar to any trap that currently exists) once an enemy steps on this trap it reveals a zone in which any units inside take increase damage from Cornelius by 5/10/15/20% and allows Cornelius to Tumble a short distance. Cornelius can have up to two locations marked at a time and can have up to two charges of this ability prepared at a time (similar to Teemo shrooms). When Acute Deduction is activated the ability becomes tumble for 2 seconds, the trigger for the zone can be activated as soon as it's dropped, as it has no wind-up time.

E: Explosive Pellet: On first activation of this ability, Cornelius throws a pellet in a skillshot line. At the end of the travel distance it lands on the ground. The second activation of this ability will cause Cornelius to shoot the pellet, causing damage and stunning nearby enemies for 1 second. The pellet can be shot as soon as it leaves his hand and will last up to 6 seconds before fizzling (and not exploding at all) once it hits the ground. **Shooting the Pellet expends a bullet**.

R: Eliminate Targets: Cornelius fires the remaining bullets in his clip at enemy champions within a certain range. This happens over 1.5 second but anyone within the range of Cornelius upon activation can be fired upon. Over the 1.5 second duration Cornelius fires one time at enemy champions dealing bonus damage, once each champion has been hit once he will fire again at them if shots remain. These shots behave like basic attacks therefore they apply on-hits and can crit and he only fires the remaining bullets in the clip,. If he only has one bullet, he only shoots one, but if he has 6 shots, he shoots 6 times.

After a long day at the Academy, Cornelius retired to his homestead in Piltover. As he approached his home and slowly inserted the key to his door, he noticed the door mat was turned 2.36 degrees counter clockwise from it's normal position. This caught his eye but wasn't much of a concern as anything from a rabbit to a strong breeze might have cause the small inconsistency. Nevertheless, this made him even more alert. As he entered his home he felt a cool breeze originating from his left, he could conclude the window had been "opened" in the kitchen. Sure to not alert his possible intruders he quietly approached the corner and began to write a note. After some thorough planning he staked the note to the wall and tossed a glass behind him as he exited the area.

On a quiet Spring day, a group of bandits paid a visit to Piltover, although these weren't your everyday bandits. They had a plan to steal very valuable blueprints. They had tracked them down to being in the hands of Cornelius Rosterforth the III, Head Chemist at Piltovers most esteemed academy. After crashing through the back window to his kitchen, the bandit went and opened the front door from the inside for his remaining friends. As they split up to search the home for the blueprints, they heard a crashing sound similar to that of a glass shattering on the floor. The bandits in the kitchen assume it's just one of their reckless friends but go to investigate the sound anyways. Entering the dining area, they notice the shattered glass and a note pinned to the wall. The note reads:

"For those of you that have entered my home, please exit the premises or suffer the consequences.

The bandits scoff at this note and toss it aside as they venture on towards the front door. As the bandits close the front door, Cornelius says to himself, "I warned you." As they cross into the next room, a vial shatters at their feet, clouding their vision while a blur passes by them. Cornelius quickly knocks both assailants unconscious and ties them up. As 3 more other bandits clunk down the stairs quickly to investigate the loud noises, they step on the pieces of broken glass. As they look down at their feet, Cornelius tumbles quietly behind them. The bandits look around and find their friends tied up, after investigating a bit more they notice their friends ropes lead to something else. As one gently tug on the rope, it pulls open a hidden door. Inside the room is a desk, and on the desk are the blue-prints for a utility belt. Unfortunately, not the blue-prints they were looking for. They turn around to see Cornelius behind they chuckling and wearing a belt similar to the one in the design. He presses the button on the center of the belt and recieves a pellet which he then throws at their feet. Nothing happens but in the blink of an eye, Cornelius draws a revolver and shoots it. It explodes knocking the men unconscious. As Cornelius exited the halls, he holsters his revolver but is encountered by 5 armed bandits who have him at gunpoint. As Cornelius begins to warn them to lower their guns, one of them shoots. Cornelius -sighs- before quickly un-holstering his revolver and dispatching the bandits. The bandits that witnessed this claim to have only heard one shot but all five men were taken down. Knowing exactly what they were after and who was behind the robbery, Cornelius enters the League of Legends to track down the culprit.

Brofessor Jones 12-11-2012 09:41 PM

bump, made some adjustments

Brofessor Jones 12-11-2012 10:02 PM

Some comments were made to me in reference to how strong his single target damage would be if he lands everything.:
Well that is the purpose of the champion, with the perfect set up and execution, he can easily assassinate one target. Given he get's his empowered clip up, lands the Zone and Q's then ults with the remaining 5 bullets, the single target damage would be about 40% max health on top of the 5 shots. Well, yes this will kill almost any target, he is high-risk high-reward. You do everything right, sure, lots of damage. But think of playing this character in a game, how often is it that you pull off everything flawlessly? Chances are you'll enter that one target execute with less than 6 bullets (especially if its the empowered clip that you want to save), forcing your target to step on the trigger isn't always going to be easy, and the "single target" won't be alone.

Brofessor Jones 12-11-2012 10:10 PM

It's similar to Leblanc, on paper she has nutty damage and she extremely slippery. But in game if she doesn't get on a roll, she just doesn't have the damage to keep up with the enemy teams tankyness, that's just how it is.

With Cornelius, you just don't want to play into his game or else he'll flat out kill you 1v1. Now he's squishy and his peel isn't very good (getting his pellet to stun point blank would be comparable to Anivia) but if you chase and he kites you onto his trap then Q + ults. Even without the empowered clip, he will probably kill you. But if you outnumber him, he is screwed. Just like LeBlanc he is going to need money to scale into it, and to be dominate he has to be ahead of you to begin with just like any assassin.

Brofessor Jones 12-12-2012 11:07 AM


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