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KiserSaySo 12-10-2012 10:55 PM

Ashe Early to Mid
Hi, I am new to the game and really like playing with Ashe. She has a the right abilities i like.

I have a problem in that early to mid game.

I usually fall behind in against other players from levels 6-10. then once i purchase my AD builds...I catch up in kills and assists late game.

Thoughts on how to get better?

Shottymaster 12-10-2012 10:58 PM

You should stay in lane and play more passively. If you die, you're setting yourself back not only in EXP, but gold as well, which causes you to take longer to get your full build. Ashe doesn't have the dueling capacity of other AD carries, so you'll need to make sure you're playing smart and getting those minion kills.

Gānkfest 12-11-2012 01:36 AM

You need to learn to not push your lane and last hit minions for gold. Two most important things for Ashe in the lane phase. By last hitting this gives you all the gold, and not pushing your lane means fighting midway between turrents. You don't want to be fighting under the enemies turrent, it ruins your farm and leaves you open to gank by other leaving lane or jungler. The bet way to do this is only attack the minions by getting the last hit on the minions just for the gold and letting the minions duke it out. this is very important because Ashe is so item dependent that if you don't get enough gold early and mid game you're pretty much screwed late game.

Mid game, keep farming when minions pile up, just last hit minions and move on. Support your team from a distance with Volley and Arrow during team fights and hit the jungle as well. Ashe is very versatile and requires supporting and farming at the same time mid. Asking your team to kill the dragon is helpful too.

OriginalJack 12-11-2012 07:24 AM

Two of Ashe's biggest strengths are her range and her ability to keep people at a distance with her slows to further abuse her range. With Ashe's range there's not really a reason you should be getting out farmed early on unless you are just getting outplayed or ganked a lot and honestly if you ward properly and have map awareness you shouldn't be getting caught off guard by ganks often.

Once mid game rolls around you want to sit back and auto attack people from max range in team fights while trying to land volley on as many people as possible. You might not be racking up a lot of kills but the assists will be rolling in and you'll get fed. Target squishy people if possible but don't put yourself in a bad position to do so, just take what you can get and keep auto attacking to keep the dps going. The worst thing for you is to get jumped on by somebody with a gap closer like jax or rengar etc. They will make short work of you if they get in close so I like to take exhaust or heal (never ignite) to help with those situations.

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