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ECHOPLANT 12-10-2012 08:37 PM

Unofficial Dodge & Other Concerns Thread
Dear Riot Games:

(I know there's another thread on this, felt like the chance of my post being seen is greater if I make a thread.)

Please re-instate the dodge penalty for ranked solo queue games. You've created a monster. Every single game there are at least 1-2 people who are doing what im not calling "forcing the dodge." I'm guilty of it as well.

Don't get the champ you want? Force the dodge. Troll it up. Try to get someone else to dodge.

Don't have a favorable matchup? Dodge.

Get counterpicked? Dodge.

What's up I'm not gonna lose, I'll just dodge.

Matches don't even start now. You're lucky if, after going through 3-4 champ selects, you actually get a game. Even if that happens, you'll probably end up dodging yourself. Its not enjoyable when you have to spend 30-40 minutes in champ select, only to be the one who clicked Logout first, then have to wait another 30-60 minutes. We're all f*cking sitting there with our mouses on the button, hoping that someone else does it first. Actually you know what? Forget the old elo penalty. Up the dodge time to 24 hours. With the penalty of an autoloss you could just take that and write it off as, "we were going to lose anyway, so I saved myself some time." With a 24 hour penalty you're screwed.

ECHOPLANT (11:15): oh you have to be kidding
i got the dodge on that one
im posting on the forums
f**k this s**t
LeeeSiin# (11:15): lol
ECHOPLANT (11:15): its a f**king minigame
to even get into game
you have to fight your own team

#2 Can there be an option to ignore all allied text but not allied pings? Right now when you ignore the whole team you don't receive any information from pings. I also don't think your pings are seen by others but I'm not sure. I don't want to hear the entire team b*tching and yelling about so and so feeding or about how we are going to lose because we got first blooded. There's no way to do this without either A. losing all ping information or B. reducing the hud to its smallest size, but then not only can you not read the chat but you cant read any of your character information.

#3 Can you increase the size of the minimap? This patch is like a map awareness nerf. It reads in the patch notes as:

Reduced Minimap Size by 15%

Yay! Now I can't see anything unless I squint at the corner of my screen!

Can you include an option to make it bigger? I personally would love a minimap that takes up around 1/8 of the total screen. Seriously. That would be awesome.

I'm just tired of being frustrated by things in this game that could easily be fixed but are not because it is not profitable to the bottom line. Look forward to the next new champ that is a rehash of two previous champs!

ECHOPLANT 12-10-2012 08:44 PM

Just realized a dodge penalty of 24 hours wouldn't do the trick. Then true trolls could just force the dodge every single game. Best suggestion might be to remove solo ranked completely and work on increasing the coverage given to ranked teams to get more people on teams rather than trying to play solo queue. After all that's what the game is supposed to be about anyway.

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