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flycounter 12-10-2012 05:08 PM

About the disconnects in rank games
Nowadays, many players dc during game or even during the game loading.
In normal it's ok, but in ranked games, why the team has to lose elo because of this players have a bad internet.
As we all known, is very hard to win a 4v5 game and it's totally unfair. The purpose summoners play rank is mostly get a higher ranking elo. I have experienced many, many disconnected summoners during game, not only normal games, but rank’s as well. They are either in my team or in the opponent team. I found that if we can do better at this part we will absolutely have a better gaming experiment of league of legends.
I have briefly thought about this and discussed with my friends. I know this idea might not be perfect but I have tried. We can let the winning team gain elo as normal but the dc team doesn't lose elo except for the dc player. This situation can only apply for those who disconnected at the beginning of the game to prevent those summoners who want to escape the punishment of losing a game. Maybe we can double the dc player's elo punishment.
Thank you for your attention.

Getsuei 12-10-2012 05:12 PM

Unfortunately, that would be an easy way to go around the system. Leavers that do this often will be hit by the Leaver Buster system. Sorry about the loss(or gain?) of elo.

Kinvaras666 12-10-2012 05:16 PM

Let me try to explain you something about how ELO works.

ELO isn't an infinity currency, it is a fixed value.
There is a max amount of ELO in the game, and that is based on how many players playing ranked there is.

Everyone starts with 1200, and then, these are lost or won.

Meaning, whenever someone loses Elo, someone else needs to win it.

There is a 5x5 game, this means, for each person who loses elo in this game, one person will win it in return. That is, 5 people lose so 5 people can win it. ELO is something you gamble, if you lose, someone else earns your Elo.

Now, about your suggestion: "People shouldn't lose ELO because of an AFK, and the AFK should lose 2x ELO"

There is a problem with that though. If people won't lose Elo, then people can't win ELO.
And as much as you are crying now because of elo you lost due an AFKer, you didn't cry ANY when you WON elo because of an AFKer. Did you?

Let's suppose you did. You think it would be fair for a team to win only 1/3 of their Elo (the Afker's ELO x2) just so people won't lose their Elo?

Can't this be abused? People afk so they won't earn the enemy as much elo as they deserved on a sure lose?

Unless you are ready to give up your elo when you win because of an afker on the enemy team, then you cannot come here and ask to not lose it when you lost because of one.

SnapnTurtle 03-27-2013 02:34 AM

I just got disconnected from ranked game and it wont let me reconnect. It was after 3 ranked games that I played without a D/C. sometimes I feel like its not the person's internet's fault but Riot's connection issue. So punishing people based on that do not sound fair decision

Griffor512 03-27-2013 03:15 AM

if it was riot's fault than more people would dc than do

Kinvaras666 03-27-2013 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Griffor512 (Hozzászólás 36022334)
if it was riot's fault than more people would dc than do

I wonder.

Yesterday, and the day before too, I was stuck in a game where I never managed to connect.
I tried everything, reconnecting, rebooting, closing the game, rebooting routers... and nothing.

It never showed the loading screen, instead, just a message "unnable to connect to servers"

You could think it was a problem on my computer.
SO, I tried making a custom game with another account on my computer...
and it worked just fine.

However, I was never able to reconnect to that one game, regrdless of anything.

After the game ended, my account was working again, and I could play normaly, with a leaver mark on my account, of course.

Strange thing is: it has happened twice now, and I was playing a game before starting this one that bugged.

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