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Mayacil 12-10-2012 01:46 PM

Language Barrier in Reports
Something has troubled me.

I just finished a game where I was not doing so well as Graves and my support was 3-2. My team then started chatting messages in spanish to one another. My understanding of spanish is basic, but I could pick up most of what they were saying and in no means was it appropriate.

They were bashing me, but after I got defensive and came back at them. The spanish speaking teammates automatically ganged up on me after i told them to speak english (Not a good idea in the future), and they all decided to report me; however, much of what they said is against the summoner's code but chances are the tribunal will not understand spanish and i'll look like the bad guy.

It isn't fair that these spanish players "get away with murder" because of a lack of understanding.

Weezlebub 12-10-2012 02:44 PM

If you don't get reported often then you don't have to worry. DId you report them? Because in general you can usually tell if they are saying offensive things even in another language. So they aren't immune to the Tribunal.

Yiyo chan 12-10-2012 11:20 PM

If you are an overal nice player you are most likely outside the tribunal for some reports from this.. Now, if you do end up in a case for review and you didn't start with the typical "speak english you effin ******s" that I get all the time i.e. and you reacted in a civil way, you'll probably get pardoned... Here's hoping you were the better man/woman in this case.
About the language issue you mention as a barrier to understand a case for review in the tribunal... well it isn't.. the foreign languages have to be skipped - not pardoned... it's in the tribunal rules.. And then there's us, the spanish speaking people that read through the cases and understand them perfectly :P . NA server =/= english only - So don't fret so much if you behaved :)

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