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Steampwrd Kitten 12-10-2012 01:23 PM

[Champion Concept] Jezebel (Title in the works) (with art!)
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Update Dec. 24

This character has been essentially scrapped, BUT.... she's actively played in the RP Forums under the name Mai. So she's grown from a concept into a character. I'm pretty happy with the results so far! She's a lot of fun to roleplay.

Updated Dec. 12

Added actual voice recording of her main quote. Yes, totally amateur voice acting. No official training of yet. Hoping to change that soon. Hope you enjoy the little clip.

Update Dec. 11

Added journals :D Slowly fleshing out her abilities.


This idea was originally inspired by another game, but has almost entirely turned into a stand-alone concept as I've been writing it since August. I started mulling over the idea of her being a Champion yesterday, so this is what I've come up with so far. It's a very, VERY raw idea as far as League goes, and constructive feedback or ideas would be fantastic.
Story is also very raw. Probably go back and clean it up a bit later. This is just the rough draft of everything. Been reading Katsuni's Champion Creation Tips v3 as well. It's a lot to read, and will likely result in my re-working some things about the character once I get through everything.

I should also warn I've only been playing LoL for about three weeks and am still learning a lot about the lore. hehe. Anyway hope you enjoy the idea.


Title - (Pending)

Race: Human/Hybrid

Class: Rogue

Birthplace: Isle of Ionia

Height: 5'3

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Last Known Residence: N/A

Weapon: Whip with blades or Whip-Sword

Q – Swings the whip in an arch in front of her, striking multiple enemies (up to 3).

W – Dashes towards a single enemy stunning them for 0.2 seconds.

E - ?

Ultimate: Toggles between human form and feral human form

Feral Form Appearance: Jezebel sprouts a pair of large, feathery wings as her ears become long and slender with light points at the tips. She also grows a tail with feathers at the end. Within the feathers are razor-sharp claws which can be used as part of an attack.

Feral Form Abilities:
Q – Madness: Allows Jezebel to do a spin-strike utilizing weapons held by her tail, and both hands. She may instead use claws rather than weapons in this form.

W – Deceptive Wind: Allows Jezebel to wrap herself quickly in her wings and cast a wind attack as she becomes stealth, inflicting magic damage upon her target

E - Blossom Storm: Shoots a flurry of feathers at nearby enemies (up to 3) causing blindness for 0.2 seconds and inflicting magic damage (25% of remaining health).

Passive: Every time she uses her abilities, she gains a small percentage of movement speed which stacks up to 4 times. Not using ability for a couple seconds will reduce stacks.


Jezebel was born in the skies above the Isle of Ionia. There, she lived with her family, a known group of Sky Pirates that mainly kept to themselves. She never knew the lands below as they very rarely would journey down save for resupplies. The sky was her sanctuary from birth.

As Jezebel neared her teenage years, the family made a decision to move away from Ionia and explore what else the world had to offer. Their time was dramatically shortened when the ship was attacked by what was presumed to be Noxians, leaving Jezebel orphaned and terribly wounded. A man discovered her unconscious on the side of the road, and took her in to shelter her and mend her wounds. His intentions seemed genuine, but what followed was far from the kindness he had shown her originally.

His sole purpose for obtaining her was for experimentation; the preservation of his own kind which were dying out at an exceedingly fast rate. Jezebel spent years imprisoned by the man, subjected to terrible experiments until she found the strength to fight back, eventually killing him and escaping.

Jezebel spent the next couple of years in isolation, fleeing anyone she came across out of fear of betrayal and becoming another test subject. Her powers started to develop during this time, causing her a great deal of grief as she tried to harness the unusual gift. She had discovered ways to cope, but they would not be enough to handle everything that was happening to her.

One day she was wandering through the forests when she spotted a beast-like creature fighting a group of monsters. He was quick, and playful but fiercely skilled with his bō staff. As she witnessed him eliminate his foe, she found herself awed by him and wished nothing more than to become like him. She quickly pursued Kong, but lost sight of him shortly after and spent the next few months searching for the Monkey King.

She wandered villages and cities alike in search of him, but without success until she came across another name. Master Yi. Believing the man could help her find Wukong, she would search for his teacher hoping perhaps she might learn something from him.

Master Yi heard Jezebel's story and was moved by it, agreeing to teach her Wuju style and help her find Wukong. He helped her integrate back into society, and learn to control her new powers, adapting the skillful art of Wuju to her own personal style. She dedicated all of her time to learning, but never lost sight of her original purpose.

Jezebel later learned that Master Yi knew all along where Wukong was, and told her of the League of Legends where she could properly challenge Wukong and prove herself worthy of his respect. She also hopes to find her place in the world, and see what kind of place it really is beyond the fear instilled in her from her past.

"I may be under shadow, but someday I will shine and he will acknowledge me."

Voice clip

Picture -
This is her feral human form. The original story inspired another artist and she drew Jezebel for me. I took the concept art and created this picture from it. You can find both on my Deviant Art here - Dreaming-Myth. In fact the original concept art is the featured picture with a link to the artist's profile.

Please don't re-use, modify, or redistribute this picture without my permission. Thanks :D

Tanuki Superstar 12-10-2012 07:11 PM

Write up some E's, change chance to stun to a duration on stun -- people crave consistency in competitive games.
Maybe give her some sort of flying effect.

Steampwrd Kitten 12-11-2012 01:28 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on what else to add at the moment. Still learning stun durations so that'll be filled in hopefully soon :)

For fun I'll be adding journal entries into the thread. And maybe do some voice recording of quotes or journal stuff. It all depends on what ends up working.

Steampwrd Kitten 12-11-2012 02:04 AM

Journal Entry 1

"What day is today? Meh, not that it matters. The sun is out.. I should be thankful to be alive. But it feels like this blood is impossible to wash away. He's dead.. I guess this is my first taste of freedom.. Should I be happy? Wish I knew where to go.. Wish I knew if any of my family was alive. Bah. This is depressing.. I should be finding food and shelter rather then mulling over ****.

"Stupid blood.. "

Journal Entry 2

"I wandered into a cute little town today. Everyone just gave me weird looks, and kept their distance. Doesn't help I probably smell like death.. I saw some guy at the market. Blonde hair, goggles.. I almost approached him, but I ran away at the last second. Feel pathetic.. and weak.. Even ordinary peasants scare me. How ridiculous.."

Journal Entry 3

"My whole body still hurts.. It's been months since I got my freedom back. I should be celebrating! Made a spear from a long stick.. Raw fish tastes nasty, but at least it's food. Feeling a bit more at home in the wild. I miss being in the sky, though. Someday I'll get a ship, and return to the clouds where I truly belong! Someday I'll own the skies of Ionia! Someday -- someday. Someday maybe I'll find someplace to call home again. I miss my family."

Steampwrd Kitten 12-11-2012 09:21 AM

Journal Entry 4

"Can't sleep.. I keep having a nightmare. He's standing over me in shadow, with just his eyes and his grin visible. Suddenly I've got wings and a tail.. And I'm flying. Not so bad, right? Except I've turned into a monster! I'm human, but not! It's freaky.. "

Journal Entry 5

"Went to another town today. Some big argument between two guys grabbed a lot of attention.. One looked like he could tear the flesh off a turtle's shell, the other was sorta mysterious, and seemed to flick a card about more wildly the more he grew agitated. Whatever happened, it seemed to have gotten resolved over a lot of alcohol.. that is - before I got chased from the pub for being too young."

Journal Entry 6

"I had that dream again last night. The images are growing more intense and I'm waking up in a lot of pain. Every part of me aches and I can't seem to shake this awful feeling that something terrible is happening. I tried to go into another town today, but - I'm not sure how to explain it. Everyone was terrified.. I didn't linger. Something told me it was a bad idea."

Steampwrd Kitten 12-12-2012 02:59 PM

Journal 7

"Another weird dream. Wonderful start to the day. Worse yet, I woke up and found a giant pig in my face! It scared the hell out of me! There was some woman riding it, too! What the hell is up with these 'landers? Ugh I miss the skies. Swear that pig was gonna eat me.. But then they just walked off like nothing happened. So weird."

Journal Entry 8

"That dream has been even more intense recently. What's really scary is I woke up with blood on my hands this morning. I don't think I'm a werewolf.. Gross. I hope not. I don't want to turn into a mutt and kill things! Maybe it's just berries.... Ah, nope. That's definitely blood."

Journal Entry 9

"OH GODS I'M A WEREWOLF! Where's some silver!? I need a potion! Maybe I can find a gypsy! NO NO NO okay.. Don't panic. There's got to be a reasonable explanation for this! You're not going crazy.. You're not going crazy! Just.. some misunderstanding.. Right.. BULL! There's a CORPSE next to me! This has got to be some kind of sick, practical joke. I'm gonna kill whoever is messing with me!"

Steampwrd Kitten 12-12-2012 04:58 PM

So I decided to add a little voice clip. Yes, this is really me.

"I may be under shadow, but someday I will shine and he will acknowledge me."


I'm an aspiring voice actress. No professional training as of yet, so this is all very amateur. This is an opportunity to breathe a little more life into the character. Critiques are welcome!

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