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Skellyton22 12-09-2012 10:45 PM

Iteams not Working
Ive been having problems using my items. I bound my keys and sometimes they work, sometimes not. Its mostly pots I notice it with and after I lost a game over trying to eat pots for 10seconds then getting tower dived and it snowballed... I wanted to find out if this is just me. Ive also noticed it while filling a tear, sometimes it does not work, but after a few seconds it will fix its self.

I made this post about an hour ago and got 1 view, I don't mean to spam but I want to get this problem out there.

DecoyJoe 12-10-2012 09:04 AM

I've been having this problem too!

Although it's not with just items, it will happen with abilities too. I'll hit any ability key, say Q, and the game will act as if I never clicked it. I then need to hit it once again or even 2 times more for the game to register that I hit it.

This really hinders my game, especially in those moments that you need to make a split second play. I really hope this gets fixed soon as it makes it really hard to play with un-responsive controls.

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