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Chris017 12-09-2012 06:17 AM

Eve's Secrets?
Knowing that it was proven that Eve is indeed a Shadow Isles Champion but who exactly is she? Given her almost 'Vampiric'-nature but for what reason? Is it just for fun or does she need it for herself (Similar to Elise's lore of sacrificing people).

Though it may be far off but just hearing the West Altar saying the 'Misery loves company' quote gave me the theory that Eve may somehow be related to this Lady, having fragments of her memories but still being dark in nature. Looking at Eve's skillset, you can see how she can be just a spirit (Shadow Walk) along with various skills that features hatred (Hate Spike), stabbing someone in the back (Ravage Pic), and her only 'Vampiric' Ability (Agony's Embrace).

So, any relations with Eve and the West Altar spirit?

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