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M1SS1NGxN0 12-09-2012 12:44 AM

Bot Lane Duo LF scrim partners
Hi, I'm a 1600 s2 support/adc and now sitting around 1410-20 s3.

My adc and I were looking for a pair, hopefully much better than us 1700+ to practice with. Try all the different combinations, simulate bot lane, with the ward coverage and everything. Try to figure out what each pair has to do to each pair to be successful. We really aren't looking for anything really serious, we want to lose or win and talk after, so not so competitive altho we are trying to win. So ya, hopefully we can set something up, and help each other, add me in game and we'll set sumthing up.

jonayedA 12-09-2012 12:50 AM

add me i can support pretty well add jonayedA

M1SS1NGxN0 12-09-2012 02:43 AM

bump, again looking for a bot lane duo that wants to scrim another duo. Play American evenings mostly.

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