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Jamie98s 12-09-2012 12:23 AM

18 reports in 2 games
Looks like im rapidity approaching another 30% report ban. The system where the auto ban you for getting a lot of reports, regardless of tribunal.


the last game I banned kassadin and someone on my team wanted kassadin, they were a 4 man premade and trolled me the whole game by following me around THE WHOLE GAME. They refused to lane and just followed me all game. The other team was happy to get a free win and said they were reporting ALL of us, and my team said they were reporting me too. They even admitted to trolling me in game, but thats 9 reports on my account there.

before that I went 6-13 on xin, The whole team agreed to report me and convinced the other team to report me for feeding, regardless of me grabbing a double kill at baron allowing us to get the advantage then I solo'd both their nexus towers. with a split push. minions killed nexus GG. I basically won the game for us with strategy instead of score. But they all agreed to report me for feeding.

thats 18 reports in 2 games, plus im sure I get random reports here and there for nothing. Now that they ban you based on how many reports you get, even if tribunal pardons you what am I supposed to do. All I can do is cooperate and try to win every game.

Jamie98s 12-09-2012 12:25 AM

god...even as I post this I enter another troll game.

Jamie98s joined the room.
fatalconspiracy joined the room.
Ch́llin joined the room.
dyondeath joined the room.
FinalMystery joined the room.
FinalMystery: mid
dyondeath: adc
dyondeath: duo with fatal
fatalconspiracy: yee
dyondeath: I'm goin mid too
dyondeath: :3
dyondeath: Cause chillin is an idiot
dyondeath: I love troll games.
dyondeath: They are so ****in fun.
dyondeath: :3
FinalMystery: Why troll me since I wasn't the one that trolled?
dyondeath: NO ONE IS SPARED
FinalMystery: Oh well. Reporting you will be fun too.
dyondeath: I do this all the time
dyondeath: never been banned

This is who I get matched with 90% of my solo queue games.....

Tech Support 12-09-2012 07:32 AM

Despite the sympathy I feel for you getting mass reported by people with itchy report fingers, calling names out on the forums is a no-no. Your second post is bad juju. This player who does it all the time and has never been banned will get what's coming his way eventually. They always do.

Now, to business with the reports. It's not quite based on reports per game rather than several reported games in succession. Although having both your team and the enemy team report you in one game does raise some eyebrows by the tribunal looking to build a case against you, it may not necessarily happen. Even if it's 2 games in a row. My suggestion is that, knowing that you are going to get trolled, like the above chat log implies, dodge the game and take the 30 minute wait hit. It's far better than spending 25 minutes or longer with someone who makes the game experience MUCH worse. Go read a book, take a 10lb dump, or something productive..like..sleep..or go outside.

LittleDi 12-09-2012 08:11 AM

... sympathy? I would understand that for someone who hasn't been on the ban train before.

back to OP:

You were not banned for hitting 30% reports. There was an audit, your account was in the bottom 0.8% of toxic players, reviewed, and given a manual ban for your behavior. If your behavior has changed then there is nothing to worry about.

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