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Fenixicon 12-08-2012 05:37 PM

Honest critique. Ban warranted or not.
Read all of the cases and then read what each person reported and tell me if you believe this is justified.


Half the people in these games should also be banned. Let's hope tribunal works for them as well.

Great Pyrenees 12-08-2012 05:47 PM

reall all what cases? Post a reform card!

Fanaticmogg 12-08-2012 06:39 PM


Game 1: You got into an argument with your support because she accidentally took a kill and proceeded to berate your jungler when they tried to gank. Likely punish-worthy.

Game 2: You gave up and started harassing your team. I can't tell from the chat, but maybe you started intentionally feeding too. 100% punishable.

Game 3: Harrasing your team again.

Game 4: Harrasing your team. Yet again.

Game 5: Guess what? More harassment.

FINAL VERDICT: Guilty by reason of constantly harassing, insulting, and complaining about your teammates.

Great Pyrenees 12-08-2012 06:51 PM

Hi there, I took some time and did you a favor in reviewing your case for you.
In Game 1 you accused your Support of Ksing, there is no such thing and this was harrasment. Then you called your jungler a moron after he helped you after you asked him to. Between these two people you dedicated 72 lines of harrasment this is the actions we call trolling. Based on this game alone you are guilty.
Because you did these things and broke the summoner’s code you do deserve this punishment. LoL is a free game and we have to sign a EULA saying we will follow the summoner’s code in order to play. If you have any questions on how the tribunal works please take a look at my guide in the guides section.
I recommend you play at least 50 beg bot games in order to put some room in-between your new cases and this way you will not be immediately banned again. Also when playing beginner bots you may make some new friends and help people learn the game. I believe in you and know you can return to us a more positive member of the community. Take care and good luck my friend =)

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