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NuclearMage 12-08-2012 04:11 PM

The Lost Archangel

For millions of years, he had led his people. Though he was different, he was well-respected. He was what all his kin strove for.


However, time dictates that there must be a new leader. Immortals never rule forever, and this applied to the Archangel as well. He had taught and raised two woman to take his place of power. They were his pride and joy. And they gave him support after his lover's death.

The one thing he never asked for was the ability to see into the future. He knew the dangers of time magic, but these visions were something he could not control. Time and time again, he would see the destruction of the mortal world. A world he swore to protect.

Each vision was different. The mortal world may end in an ice age. It may end through their own creation. One time, he saw the world inhabited by ponies. But the more fearful of them was the release of monsters, destroying and consuming everything in their wake. This last one was more frequent than the others. Every time he saw this, he got closer to the source of what created this. And eventually, he discovered the cause of this nightmare.

The abuse of magic in the wars to come would lead to catastrophe.

He knew he would have to do something. But he would not be able to act for another five million years. So, he made plans, to create a Grand Rune Stone of his knowledge of Terraforming magic for the mortals to learn from. Or so he hoped.

His term was coming to an end. He had prepared for this, and began construction prior to his resignation. It would be a million years before the Grand Rune Stone was complete. But he kept in touch the best he could with his students. His student of magic took more interest in his work and assisted in any way she could. His student of the blade took more interest in political issues. Eventually, the two students became frustrated at each other for having different views in politics. They also had enough support to fight each other. The civilization became enveloped in civil war.

Of course, there was an underlying group that worked from both sides. Neither of the ladies knew this, but the group had the agenda to remove the Archangel entirely. And they knew the Grand Rune Stone was at a critical point in its creation. The infusion of magic unto the Stone.

Had the Archangel succeeded, the threat of the visions would be nullified. But the shady group had to interfere. He sent word to the lady of magic that he was nearing completion. But she never got the message. The group took the chance to dress in the Judicator's colors, to ensure the civil war would continue if they failed.

The Archangel took down much of the group before they managed to corrupt the rune. The exposure to the dark magic created a feedback, scaring the Archangel and knocking him unconscious. The group took advantage of the moment and sealed him upon the mortal world. Faking his death would indeed fuel the civil war, and remove him from the picture.

A few million years passed and the war hadn't stopped. But the seals were severely weakened and ready to break. To set free the man held captive.

The Archangel awoken, though the first thing he realized was his armor was stripped from him and he had lost much of his angelic powers. Thankfully, there was a suit of armor and clothes waiting for him. The armor was elementally enhanced while the clothes stood against the flow of time. How ever, he would have to find a way to return, for the manalines of the mortal world was altered. He had limited knowledge of the world, and found himself lost, in a jungle teeming with magic. He felt the presence of a sentient being in the jungle and if he could find it, he may stand a chance still to stop the coming apocalypse.

For in this world, he was a Stranger.

So, this is my first fanfic I've started writing. I'm all for suggestions and tips. As well, this started as a character concept but it turned more into a story and I would like a few suggestions for names, as I have a placeholder for it but I feel its lackluster. Perhaps I'll set up a poll as well. I've done several chapters already but I'll likely post them a few days later. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Frost Archer 12-08-2012 04:46 PM

This is barely about league...
May not be about it at all......
The Fan Fiction forum on this website is for League of Legend Fanfics not just any one. I'm not sure though. Judicator sounds vaguely like Kayle... Care to elaborate?

NuclearMage 12-08-2012 05:05 PM

Judicator is indeed Kayle and I intially wrote this as a character concept, but I couldn't stop writing after my first attempt at making a lore of it. I eventually rewrote the lore into a more story fitting matter, at least in my opinion. The idea of the character was to make him someone who saw the civil war unfold as time progressed, but saw the coming destruction of the realms as well. Of course, he didn't see the League when he did have the visions, so the future he saw may have been altered.

Edit1: I may hold off on posting the rest on this until I get a ground feeling for this writing so about a few months

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