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MeatballSubtext 12-08-2012 12:43 PM

Team Name TBD Recruiting 1700+ Ideally
Looking for all roles besides ADC.

Message Voolume in game if you're interested in a tryout

We're both 1700+ S3, gold S2 looking for a strong ranked team to form. We want to do Go4LoL's, various leagues (Alienware Arena/NESL/GB), random tournaments, and obviously the main goal would be to try and get high up on the Ranked 5s ladder.

We're in FL so EST time zone is most preferred, though we tend to play at nights anyway so it's not a huge issue where you're located. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Just a short questionnaire/application as well. It isn't necessary but we'll look favorably on those who fill one out.


Time Zone:
When are you available?:

S2 Peak Elo;
S3 Peak Elo;
S3 Current Elo:
Primary Role(s):
Primary Champions:

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience:
Prior Competitive League Experience:
Asses your own strengths:
Asses your own weaknesses:
Additional Information:

DongStrong MD 12-08-2012 01:49 PM

Name: Gavin
IGN: DemonicGavinn
Time Zone: EST
When are you available?: 4:30pm-10pm monday-thursday
4:30pm-whenever friday
Anytime Saturday and Sunday
S2 Peak Elo;1250 (just wait please.)
S3 Peak Elo; 1100
S3 Current Elo: 954 (don't stop xD, ill explain.)
Primary Role(s): Any, Preferrably jungle or solo top
Primary Champions: Teemo, Jax, Katarina, LeBlanc, Ezreal, Brand, Riven, Warwick

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience: None
Prior Competitive League Experience: None (but 3 years playing LoL)
Asses your own strengths: I can sustain very well, keep death to a minnimum. I can assess how my lane will have to be played depending on the skill of my opponent pretty well. I can adapt to really any team. I can play almost every champion, so very flexible counter-pick
Asses your own weaknesses: I get possessive of my lane sometimes, but that is more in the past than anything else, i've been working on it. Other than that not very many besides the lack of competitve play.
Additional Information: Okay, i realized that my Elo blows, and the lack of competitve is probably an issue. I've been trying for a long time to find a decent team, not that noone will let me in, but that i am above most. I can guarentee if you give me a shot and try me out, i'll surprise you. I'm truly a top tier player, thanks for your time if you read this far.

Intensuhty v2 12-08-2012 02:08 PM

Name: Chris
IGN:Intensuhty v2
Time Zone: EST
When are you available?: 3-7 weekdays 2-11 weekends

S2 Peak Elo; 1560
S3 Peak Elo; none- havent been playing ranked till i get a feel for the new additions
S3 Current Elo: none
Primary Role(s): Mid, Jungle
Primary Champions: I dont really have a main champ. ( I play all my champs very well )

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience: I used to be semi-pro for COD
Prior Competitive League Experience: Have been playing for the past year competitively
Asses your own strengths: I am very strong laner, I will win my lanes in most cases and have good positioning. I can also call shots if needed.
Asses your own weaknesses: I am cocky. Sometimes its good but if you dont know that you will think i am an ass.
Additional Information: HMU skype:howellwarrior

xflightofxicarus 12-08-2012 02:17 PM

Xflightofxciarus- Jungle
Name: Neal
IGN: xflightofxicarus
Time Zone: Eastern (NY)
When are you available?: Whenever I'm out of class and most weekends.

S2 Peak Elo; 1700
S3 Peak Elo; 1450 (Taking a break to learn the new jungle mechanics before I continue)
S3 Current Elo: 1450
Primary Role(s): Jungle and Support
Primary Champions: With the new season 3 changes, (in no particular order) Nocturne, Khazix, Olaf, Mundo, Shyvana. (I'm originally a support jungler Skarner, Mao etc. But looking at this season they seem to have fallen off a bit).

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience: WoW Top 10 U.S. guild "Aftermath" and "Catalyst", hunter class officer.
Prior Competitive League Experience: LoLLI (League of Legends Long Island) Season 1 tournament entry, 4th place.
Asses your own strengths: Very good buff and objective control, my timers are excellent, and I gank very well because of communication.
Asses your own weaknesses: I tend to babysit a lot, and sometimes I can let one lane droop behind if they don't remind me. When I go for initial invasions, I tend to wimp out early to avoid the early deaths.
Additional Information: Actively watching the pro's and actively working on getting better. I have a good mind set and I communicate well... Also, I crack a **** ton of jokes in skype/vent/etc.

MeatballSubtext 12-08-2012 08:08 PM


Pursu 12-08-2012 08:37 PM

Name: Cory
IGN: Pursu
Time Zone: EST
When are you available?: Whenever

S2 Peak Elo; 1490
S3 Peak Elo; 1517
S3 Current Elo: 1517
Primary Role(s): Support, Mid
Primary Champions: Janna, Nunu, Lulu, Blitz, Taric, (every support based on my ADC and matchup). For Mid, Diana, Annie, Kat, Brand

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience: top 32 SSBM MLG
Prior Competitive League Experience: None
Asses your own strengths: I have a strong presence in a team fight and can control most battles effectively.
Asses your own weaknesses: I have problems letting a teammate go when he is outnumbered.

Beastable 12-08-2012 08:49 PM

Name: Eric
Time Zone:est
When are you available?: all the time

S2 Peak Elo;1910
S3 Peak Elo;1710
S3 Current Elo:1687
Primary Role(s):mid/ad
Primary Champions:

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience:Top ch 13 team on soldier front
Prior Competitive League Experience:I've done goforlol with my old team farthest we've gotten was quarter finals
Asses your own strengths:This is something you guys with figure out.
Asses your own weaknesses:This is something you guys with figure out.
Additional Information: I've been looking for a team for a couple days but haven't found any around my elo hoping this is it.
Posted on my smurf by accident.

meFamous 12-08-2012 09:53 PM

Name: Dan
IGN: meFamous
Time Zone: Eastern
When are you available?: Afternoons sometimes, mostly at night.

S2 Peak Elo;1600 something
S3 Peak Elo;1550
S3 Current Elo:1538 im still in placement rankings though, currently 6-1 that one loss due to a leaver.
Primary Role(s): preferred role of support. secondary would be jungle.
Primary Champions: In no particular order for support, Leona, Lulu, Sona, Taric, Blitz, Nunu (i play all supports and off supports like: Morg, fiddle, zyra, etc...) for jungle: Maokai, amumu, malph, ww, cho gath, mundo, alistar, fiddle etc...most all the viable competitive jungles.

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience: Gunbound, Dota, Dota 2, Top guild in Gunbound, rank 1 in Canada, rank 1 in grand prix North america,
Prior Competitive League Experience: Local tournament season 1, Local tournament season 2 first place out of 32 teams 24 hour tournament.
Assets your own strengths: I love competitive play. Often strive to think of new unique strategies. In ranked games i play all roles and all champs so i understand the strengths and weaknesses of each champ and strive to use their weaknesses agaisnt them. As a main support player, i possess amazing map awareness, ward every chance i get, and understand my limitations to winning our lane as long i have utmost trust with my Adc. i understand how to counter build and synergy build at the same time, also coming into season 3, ive studied the new items, masteries and such, and understand how i can maximize my roles on the team.
Assets your own weaknesses: I love competitive play too much and sometimes troll build when i feel the game isnt fair. also I tend to smoke and play and sometimes turn to put out the smoke and something happens during that time. I should quit smoking anyways.
Additional Information: im positive my gameplay will reflect beyond my elo. I often watch stream on my off time from league to learn builds and strategies and mechanics to improve myself, sadly its very hard to gain elo when youre the support most times, if your other lanes do bad, theres not much you can do as support to win back those lanes... and often times i lose games like this. Im a serious gamer, and serious on joining a serious team.

MeatballSubtext 12-09-2012 01:53 AM

bump, will be contacting people who have posted applications and sent requests shortly

Blaster 12-09-2012 02:25 AM

Name: elijah wyatt
IGN: rainieday
Time Zone:
When are you available?:
all the time
S2 Peak Elo;1760~
S3 Peak Elo;1780
S3 Current Elo:1682
Primary Role(s):ADC, Mid, Top, Support.
Primary Champions:All of them?

Prior Competitive Gaming Experience:various ranked teams
Prior Competitive League Experience:various ranked teams
Asses your own strengths:Im very good at league.
Asses your own weaknesses:I can sometimes make mistakes.
Additional Information:

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