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acceL NA 12-08-2012 01:20 AM

acceL going for Plat! -_-
Who am I?

Currently 1295 ELO LoL newb.

I used to be top 200 on the NA ladder for SC2 (been playing SC since 1998) and many times Gladiator in WoW.

This is the first competitive 'team' based game that I have played and want to succeed at. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I am so low elo. I don't really count WoW 3's as a 'team' based game, we were just good players. I basically just try to win my lane hard and try to carry 1v5. This strategy has failed miserably.

I should also come out and say that I am (was) your typical rager. I am hoping to change this and another reason why I made this post. This is my first post on the LoL forums and I have been playing on and off since Season 1. With the 'I Will Dominate' situation my eyes were opened to the consequences of being bad mannered. I have been banned several times and I am sure that I have said worse things than IWD, AFAIK. I don't want to change my attitude just to not get penalized, but I want to do it for myself. In real life I actually work with mentally and physically handicapped individuals and my online personality is much different than the real me.

How do you plan on raising your ELO?

To come into each game with an open mind. To try to get my team to play as such. To try to make smart decisions for my team. To be nice to my team.

I know I have the skill/mechanics to be a high elo player. I just need to be more of a team player since it is a team game.

Why you make dumb thread?!?

Just for some exterior motivation and as a reminder of my new goals that I have set for myself.

To keep people updated if they are interested in seeing of what just an 'attitude' change can do for their games.




TFFoS 12-08-2012 05:18 AM

Congrats, I guess? If you climb through the 1650 region anytime soon, I'd be glad to play with anyone who is amicable and tries their best to work as a team.

I mean, that is 80% of how I got where I am. I make goofs occasionally, but I keep cool and tend to make pretty decent calls (or listen, if someone has better sense than me).

acceL NA 12-08-2012 03:20 PM

Thanks TFFoS.

So far I am currently 4-0 1347. I guess being nice and a team player does pay off. Small sample size I know but I fell asleep.

Stats for the last 4 games: 38 K 15 D 47 A.

As a side note: Being cooperative and not raging makes playing the game more enjoyable (less stressful) as well.


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