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Hypothermic 12-07-2012 10:24 PM

1650 Mid LF Team
Hello, my name is Chad Roye, aka blinded blitz.

I'm currently looking to fill the role of mid in a ranked 5v5 team.

I compiled a list of questions I think you would be interested to know.

Q - Normal Games?
A - 1050 games under my belt

Q - Commitment?
A - I truthfully want to go pro and make a living off of playing my favorite game. Go to college but only takes up beginning half of the day and free weekends. No job currently due to recent move, but getting one soon. (will quit for pro, but... only if we're actually like there.. XD)

Q - Personality?
A - I am a suuuuuper easy going and relatively funny dude, can get along with virtually anyone. no problems at all here. :P

Q - Meaning behind your name?
A - I was in 2nd grade when I got in my first school fight, kid threw sand in my face and started to come at me. I blindly beat the **** out of him. (was 2nd grade though XD) Then other events in my life that my vision was hindered like my first call of duty experience/8 killing spree all while blinded. Then after playing football sometime with buddies and constantly blitzing the QB. I just one day thought of the name.

Q - Role Model
A - I love sk ocelot's passion for the game but I think froggens and toyz mid skills are amazing.

Q - Surrender?
A - Never, I'm always the last to surrender unless everyone finally agree's I'll grudgingly do it.

Q - Ranked Exp?
A - I was only 1400 solo/duo que last season but I know I'm personally worthy of at least 1600, I just got lazy and stopped doing ranked towards the end of s2. Played on a ranked team and got to 1650ish before the season ended.

Q - Champs?
A - I focus primarily on stereotypical caster mages for mid like brand, swain, malz, viktor, elise, gragas, heimerdinger, ziggs, ori, galio, etc. Not a big fan of assasin magic damage dealers.

Q - Meta Smasher?
A - Due to the fact I own 92% of the champions and played multiple roles in different teams, I can in fact play weird and off the meta mids if you so desire me to. Crazy stuff like zed, shaco, master yi, darius, ap kogmaw, adc mid, solo top mid, support mid... pretty much anything, I'm up for it and probably tried it.

Q - Criticism
A - I don't care, I can take endless hits and as long as it improves me, I don't give a ****. Just don't be a ****** about it. Neither will I towards you, respect.

Q - Can you fill another role?
A - I can, but that would be breaking my own rule. Besides, I love mid and have always had fun playing mid characters. Hate to change...

Q - Maturity?
A - I can be extremely immature but mature at the same time. I know when to shut up and "go hard in the paint" lol or goof around and have fun.

Q - Whats your elo currently?
A - Actually sadly 1300 but havn't played much since the initial reset, made the mistake of playing the day elo reset and got ****ed hard by team members and bad times, I can normally carry.. but god.. that was terrible. XD

1. Please be serious and prefer 18+
2. Never surrender
3. Don't rage
4. Don't be a ******.
6. Make sure everybody is up to par
7. Communicate
8. Don't give up on the team if things look bad.. all teams fail at first.
10. Have fun

lolking - http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22927439

If you're interested in me and want to know more, simply message me in game for a quicker response or post on here. Also PLEASE BUMP THIS! PLEASE!

Thank you for taking the time to check me out. Whether you choose me or not, have a good day bro.

Hypothermic 12-07-2012 10:38 PM


Hypothermic 12-07-2012 11:05 PM

last bump of the night, cya 2moro forums lol

Chaos Paradigm 12-08-2012 12:59 PM

im a 1650 player im trying to get a team together or find one would u be interested... btw love the meaning behind your name

Niqqers 12-25-2012 02:48 PM

1700 Elo adc

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