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Mid saMux 12-07-2012 07:49 PM

A Must READ Increasing your ranked wins. How? Easy steps. Updated 2012
Hi everyone! Lets begin. Firstly I would like to thank those who read my last guide and showed so much support! It's mostly the reason I am now writing another guide to help new or even veteran ranked players look at ranked from a different perspective, and hopefully help you win more games. My guide does not guarantee you to win every game, but it should surely boost your win ratio if you take it to heart. Thanks in advance and i hope you find this guide helpful.

I don't claim to be the best player, not even close, I still have much to learn however I have played this game since season 1 and I feel that I should share my views with others, I play only ranked, and rarely normals. And I have learned much from my experiences. I would like to share these with you, and also provide helpful tips to make your ranked experience less frustrating and more fun, but at the same time competitive. Okay lets begin!

Always have runes

Please, Please, PLEASE! Make sure you are runed and prepared for any role you might get chosen for. As a ranked player it is your obligation to max your capabilities as much as possible. Runes are very important in early laneing phase and will often change the outcome of you getting fed, or feeding. Even if you never play support, it is highly recommended you have a support rune page just in case you have to fill a role. Always fill what the team needs, I understand it can be frustrating if you don't get the role you want, trust me. However you should always be willing to play what the team needs, as all of you generally want to raise elo and not lose it, it's best to avoid a argument at all costs, even if sometimes you have to be the bigger player and play something you don't really want to.

Champion Select Screen

This is a HUGE deal a lot of the time this is where you can lose without even starting the game. Listen, sometimes you get that player that doesn't want to communicate and only wants to play what he wants to play, and if anyone argues, they threaten to throw the game, choose summoner spells not beneficial to the champion, or just afk and claim they are "Teaching you a lesson". Please guys. Don't let these players get to you. They are in all brackets and you aren't going to like it and might feel inclined to say something. But trust me, You are playing to win, if you argue with a player like this, you are increasing your chances of losing tremendously. In my experience the best thing to do is to call your best role, let your team know what's your strong point, and whats your weakest point. You would be surprised how many players listen to what you have to say if you just explain to them why you need that role. And, if they refuse and pick a lane you wanted, do not get mad, always have a back-up lane. For example my best roles are Mid / ADC. I let my team know in advance that these two roles are my best Win ratios. And if both get picked, I fill what the team needs. Do not EVER troll a player on your team. It puts both of you in a bad mood, and you don't want to spend the entire game raging at eachother, it benefits no one. Short story, always have a positive attitude and be willing to play something the team needs!

In game communication

This is also a very important part of the game. As said above do not argue with your players, if they are looking for a fight, ignore them. You will just get angry and focused on talking back to them, It keeps you from getting reported, and frustrated. Always talk with your team and let them know how you are doing in lane. For example if you are mid lane and you are just getting beat on and you have received no help, don't blame the jungler Keep in mind he has to focus on Leveling, counter jungling (Situational), and has 3 lanes to support. Just because he doesn't camp your lane doesn't mean he's bad. Let him know that you need help as soon as he is able. If you are getting denied CS and taking too much harass in lane. Sit on the tower and last hit the best you can. Even if you are getting denied in CS it's much better then feeding your mid lane, at least you have a chance of your other lanes carrying and not having to deal with a fed mid that can burst them in 2 shots. Keep reminding your jungler you need help. But don't be rude about it, explain that you are getting denied, or ask for a lane switch. If he still refuses to help your lane, at the worst let your tower fall and let your team know your lane will be roaming. It's better to get some farm later in the game, then feeding massively for a few minions.


Junglers, it's your responsibility to gank any lane that's struggling or overextended. If you notice for example mid is pushed to the turret and your teammate is pinging, dont go top and ignore your middle lane, scare them off your turret or at the least get some farm and xp while your mid is recalling, let the opposing team know that you're not going to let them take the turret. If you are getting counter - jungled let your team know, at the least your support can toss a couple wards in your jungle or later in the game when your support buys a oracles guide them through your jungle to clear the wards so you can continue to jungle and get out ganks faster. In my opinion jungling is one of the most important roles in the game and it's alot of responsibility. Usually when people lose there lane they blame the jungle for not ganking or camping enough etc. Do not let this upset you. They are just frustrated and looking for someone to blame, However if you have not provided any lane any support by 6-8m (Still thats pushing it) Then you are not doing your job. Always let the opposing team know they need to be careful, and always always always take advantage of overextensions. If possible if you're doing very well buy a early oracles and try to play passively to not lose it. Clear your lanes wards and continue to help lanes.

Team composition whats the best?

Generally past the 1500 brackets similiar comps start getting chosen, the best in my experience is to run :

Top lane - Tank / Tanky dps (Yorick,Shen, Darius etc.)
Mid lane - AP carry (Katarina, Diana, Brand etc.)
Bot lane - AD Carry / Support (Numerous comps such as Taric / Cait, Janna / Ashe, Leona / Corki, Vayne / Nunu etc.)
Jungle - X (It all depends on what the opposing teams composition is, if you notice they have a squishy team a shaco wouldn't be a bad choice, if they are tanky a WW lee sin, or skarner might overall be better for your team, if your team doesn't have much CC a maokai might also benefit you more then a damage jungler. keep in mind its also what you prefer and more experienced with.)

Always keep in mind that you want to counter pick your opponent. If you are first or second pick and want to mid, always ask if you can pick for someone else, so you do not get countered and have a hard time laneing.

Again communicate with your team to figure out who will fill each spot, don't wait until 10 seconds is left on the clock and then decide you want to play a support and you end up locking in 2 supports.

DO NOT FIGHT OVER LANES!!! (aka the "fine i guess well do 2 mid, or 2 top") Be the bigger player and go to another lane, the moment you start trolling each other is the moment you start to lose.

Elo Hell

I'm sure a lot of players will argue with me on this. But having played over 3k+ ranked games, I have to tell you all that this is just a way of saying "It's someone elses fault that i lossed this game, elo hell gg". Cmon guys. Yes, you will always get players that do very badly, and sometimes you will not be able to carry them even if you play your best and do very well. A lot of people asked me last season if there were still trolls in the 1800-1900s. The answer is, of course. Elo hell is in ANY bracket. I do not care if you are 700 elo or 2300 elo. There will always be trolls and there will always be players that get outplayed by other players. Just accept that there team had better players or good luck on there side and try and better yourself from that game. Even if you went 16-0 think of what you could of done differently to of helped your team. Some games are uncarryable and that's the sad truth. This is a 5v5 game. Not 1v1.


Wards are such a huge part of this game, and many are under the impression that only the "support" role should be the ones buying wards. THIS IS NOT TRUE, It is everyones obligation on your team to buy wards for there lanes to avoid feeding. At some point the jungler WILL come to your lane and you need to have a ward down to be ready for that gank. If you are top ward your 2nd bush in lane, and river. If you are mid lane either ward both bushes from your side of the map as to not facecheck a bush. Or if you feel comfortable lay it in the entrance to your jungle, and the entrance to theirs. Bot lane, Always keep tribush, river, and 2nd bush warded. You will always see the jungler if he's coming. Also make sure objectives are warded at all times, Your junglers red / blue buff. Baron and Dragon. And if you want to go the extra mile, Ward the enemys red / blue buff if you feel you can get away with it.

Last hitting

If you don't know, last hitting is where you wait until the minion is very low hp, and hit it once to make sure you get the killing blow and the gold for that minion. Last hitting is a huge part of the game and is very important. Always focus on trying to harass, but not losing any cs. This will make you 3x of a better player once you master how to do this. Also, always try and "freeze" your lane. What this means is that by last hitting you do not push your lane. Meaning the enemy team will push there lane being open to ganks. Or there jungler will not be able to gank you. Hold down the "S" key. Thats the default key to stop auto attacking. It might take some time to get use to. But it is worth it. Trust me.


Baron, Dragon, Red buff, and blue buff. These are 4 things you always want to have warded. A early drag can help your team out a lot. But also you have to know when and when not to go for it. Say your top lane is pushing, and the enemy jungler goes top for a gank. This is a perfect time to go for drag, take your mid lane, jungler, and bot lane, and do dragon. Still sometimes this is risky, but its 4v3 and most likely you will be able to take the dragon if you play it smart. Always keep your jungle warded at the two buffs. You do not want the enemy jungler taking your mids blue, this sets them back. And of course, Always have baron warded, because this can change the tides of the game very fast. Say for example your support has an oracles and clears the wards and you are down and need a baron to win. The enemy team has no wards on baron, and you see them pushing mid. Put 2 mid and have 3 sneak baron. Most likely if they don't have sight and they see 2 players on the map, they automattically assume that you wont be doing baron and that you just recalled or are in the jungle. That being said it's a very risky move, but if it's neccesary do it. This works in my experience many of the times. Get a couple to distract while you sneak. This is completely up to your team, it's a gamble but can be very helpful.


I am currently at 1600 this season. My top rating last season was a little over 1900. However due to taking a few months off and with the new rule of your top rating being the highest your rating currently was, i lost my chance to receive platinum. But I am shooting for diamond this season and trying to better myself as a player. I have played with many proffesional players such as Guardsmanbob when he was on the NA servers, Hotshotgg from CLG.NA, Scarra, Voyboy, and many more. Also if you think just because you are low elo and you aren't good enough to get high elo, Don't. I don't care what rating you are, you always have room to improve and gain elo. Follow these steps and you will win more. It's guaranteed.

Myself / Hotshotgg playing in the 1900s


This was from last season. I was playing support janna, he was renekton top. I would love to show you Guardsmanbob and myself playing but unfortunately I never uploaded it and re-installed. But you catch my drift. You can become a good player and play with good players if you try hard enough.

As always good luck in your games and I hope this guide has made you rethink ranked games for the better and taught you how to overall be a better player. Remember, always show a good attitude if you want to win, and if they are doing bad, don't get frustrated! Encourage them on what they need to do in order to win! Have fun and stay positive on the fields of justice.




As a lot of you know, these are common sense basic rules, but are forgotten very often. I try to have a positive attitude when going into the champion select and let my team know what I'm best at. (aka, I can do anything but I'm best at " ") Just remember that communication is the key to a increased win ratio, if you remember these common steps you will increase your chances tremendously, I'm not saying you wont lose here and there but again, by arguing / bringing your teammates down it will not help your chances. I hope you find this guide helpful so that you're all not so frustrated being in "ELO hell" because elo hell is any rank, it all depends on your attitude and your team composition. Thanks for taking your time to read and feel free to ask me any questions.

Vastalant 12-07-2012 08:12 PM

A good read for sure.

Mid saMux 12-07-2012 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by Vastalant (Hozzászólás 32200825)
A good read for sure.

Thanks very much !

zaKaTk 12-07-2012 08:28 PM

Thanks for the tip, time to go raise elo!

Mid saMux 12-07-2012 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by zaKaTk (Hozzászólás 32201332)
Thanks for the tip, time to go raise elo!

Do it up man, Good luck

Mid saMux 12-08-2012 08:26 PM


HoWallaWoH 12-09-2012 10:00 AM

I appreciate your post. I VERY much appreciated the information in regards to "Freezing" the lane. I know there is a lot of different "plays" you could do throughout the game that offer amazing results, and am learning this from watching and reading reviews and games. My goal is to become an excellent support for my team anytime I play. I have learned the basics, and am effective at them. I need to learn how to counter utl's and effectively counter pick my support champ. Any suggestions?

Guy on a bus 12-09-2012 12:23 PM

Better advice than holding down S key. (I don't hold down S key.. my S key is /laugh.. to annoy people with.)

Keep moving instead, side to side, NEVER back and forth. 9/10 you will not get hit by a skill shot. especially if you do it erratically.

Uridon 12-09-2012 10:59 PM

so what is your advice to someone who follows all this advice and does it even a step better, but still gets stuck in losing matches over and over and over?

Bosnianmafia 12-10-2012 12:46 AM

hi i faullw dis advace and get very good elo

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