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Kholdstare13 12-07-2012 05:11 PM

I totally see you there.

Sadly, this comic speaks much more true of the AI in LoL than it should. I recommend a slight change to both pet AI and champion behavior with regard to hiding and stealth.

Entering a bush should not provide immediate relief from anything that is chasing you. If a pet is chasing a champion and they enter a bush, the pet should continue moving towards them for at least a small amount of time, say 1/2 second minimum. That way if they are in melee range, they can run into the bush, granting vision inside and continuing their attack. I cannot tell you how many times I have been 1 voidling autoattack away from killing a Rengar, only for him to tap the bush, canceling out their chase, and pounce full combo me to death.

A second problem is with stealth. Certain skills like Wukong's decoy force all champions who were attacking him to switch to some dumb AI that has been soft taunted by the decoy, even when he is revealed or under true sight. I propose that champions who remain in vision when they activate a stealth skill should not modify the behavior of champions attacking them. A ranged champion should not lose their target when he is in plain sight.

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