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Bronze 5 Penguin 12-07-2012 01:17 PM

Jarvan IV a really bad champion for top lane?
Every time I go up top to solo top I just could not hold my lane against, Darius, Garen, Renekton and Pantheon. I have been playing Jarvan for almost 20 levels now since I fell love with his kit...but now it seems like he just cannot compete with other top laners, especially the people mentioned above. Although I do manage to get decent scores at the end of games like 6/4/15, it just makes me feel that he is a bit underpowered. Any bit of advice is nice, like if I should play Jarvan as a jungler or I should just pick Darius to dominate top lane.

I thank everyone that took the time to read this message.

Psst, if anyone wants to add me for some normal PVP, feel free to do so :P

Joyous 12-07-2012 02:22 PM

He isn't like a bad top laner. It really depends on the situation. A good jungler always helps dominate top lane. Best advice would be to focus on farming until you are able to go against the champs you've stated.

Silyns 12-07-2012 08:31 PM

It might be the build you are going instead of the champ. Jarvan has an ok skill kit but I find that his best strength comes from roaming instead of staying in lane for long periods.

That aside the champs you listed are all solid 1v1 champs and it just might be that they are building the right items where you are not. That or you may be going into lane expecting to lose at this point and its effecting your play. Darius and Renekton are beasts but both can be out played if you bait and dodge their attacks. Garen is... Garen. He either is worthless or just wtf owns you, depending on the player.

Do you buy armor early or go for damage. Starting cloth and 5 pots can help alot in a lane you feel is going to be rough. Rushing a Black Cleaver is also an option if you want to play aggressive.

J4 is not the best champ but he's by no means a bad one.

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