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MyTeamIsTerrible 12-07-2012 03:12 AM

@Riot Would be possible to mute without disabling the pings?
I have serious motives to be asking that.

Not trying to be dramatic, but, what i've been experiencing since long time with this game's community, is something hard to describe by words. As much as i try to ignore, it's almost impossible to remain silent while being harassed at the majority of games, when i play, a person can go 0/20/0 and i say nothing, if i make one mistake or happen to be on a bad match(which is bound to happen to anyone), hell breaks loose. Every time i go to a match, i try to say to myself "whatever happens, i will remain calm", but, sometimes it's too much to handle, and it's been bad for my health.

Bottom line, i currently, want to /mute all every game, i don't care anymore if there are good people(which i know there are), i just want to protect myself, but unfortunately, i know that if i just mute all, i will heavily impact the team(specially as a person who loves jungling).

So, this is a serious request, this is not being made with one game in mind, but with all the disgusting things i've been throught with this game since long time.

Thx in advance

On a side note, there are some people that loves to spam pings compulsively, so why not make a "mute chat/ mute ping" command in separate ways?

MyTeamIsTerrible 12-07-2012 03:31 AM


SeeKingGlory 03-21-2013 09:44 AM

make an OPTION to MUTE PINGS and a separate option to MUTE CHAT or MUTE ALL.

I am so sick of 20 pings a min spam of people that have no business near an alert ping. The game is near unplayable since last few patches and these guys just spamming the fuk outta every game and no way to mute them.

if you ask them to stop = THEY SPAM MORE! i haven't had 1 good game in my last 50 been ruined by ping spam that i can not mute!

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