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7xGM 12-06-2012 08:27 PM

Supernatural Science Theory
EDIT: 1/14/03 ADDED Jalople #9


Signifcant coincidence in nature that is nearly statistically
impossible and that is also nearly if not completely impossible to be doctored by human intervention.

A lesson is being learned from a higher power i.e. God.

Happy mistake or beautiful disaster.

Miracle or extreme luck

This seems like the best place to put a theory of mine that I have been thinking about for a long time:

Quick Background of me: I have Bipolar I disorder with schizo-effective disorder as well. Many of you might think I have the 2 worst diseases known to mankind, but I find it as a way for me to have a connection with the spiritual realm that surrounds us all.

I also have a BS in computer science and will be soon going to school for my masters as well as my doctorate. Back to the theory at hand. About 5 years ago I had this word that I created during one of my "manic" phases and I had begun research with it involving entropy, supernatural science, and how exactly the subconscious and the conscious works.

First I will start with what the definition of the word I made up, jalople, and then I'll go from there. As of now, these things will be an exact copy/paste of a few e-mails I started 5 years ago.

Dates were made in these e-mails for specific reasons involving my theory. What I am actually trying to prove is that I seem to have discovered how to predict randomness in a way, or at least know why things happen.

So here it goes:


EMAIL 1: Subject: Jalople Files - 12/07/2007

Jalople Files - 12/07/2007

Created the official definition of a freak coincidence

Jalople = Significant coincidences in nature that are nearly statistically
impossible and that are also nearly if not completely impossible to be

Winning the lottery can be a jalople, but a weak one at best since it
still can produce doubt that it was truly 'all natural'.

EMAIL 2: Subject: Jalople Files - 12/07/2007 - Rules for documentation

Please add to these rules as well if you can...

When a jalople is experienced or discovered please make sure to document:

1. Time and Date

2. Location you were at

3. Location of the jalople if separate from where you are at

4. Who discovered it and their full name (I will get into details why
the name is a requirement later). Think of it as an IP Address might
be the simplest way to explain the importance.

5. Anything else that seems significant to the jalople itself,
directly and indirectly. Indirect significance should not be as
important, but unfortunately, this is a really complicated issue that
deals with supernatural science.

EMAIL 3: Subject: Jalople Files - 12/10/2007 - Date Occurred: 12/8/2007 Time: 10:39

Date Occurred:

10:39 (for the sake of calculation, please keep it in military time.)

My General Location:
Circuit city parking lot in Riverside, CA
cross streets: Magnolia and Tyler

Coordinates Approximation: (Use Google Earth for such approximation, keep decimal points out, they seem irrelevant for now at least.)
33°54°46° N
117°27°39° W

Location of Jalople:
Same Location as me.

Who discovered it:
I discovered it: Alexis David Garcia

People involved:
My girlfriend: PMC

Jalople Description:
PMC and I had just picked up an HD DVD player that my dad had purchased and we were leaving the parking lot. As I was leaving, I was just "zoning (sp?) out" when for some reason my mind brought up an obscure memory when I could not be patient about buying something without fully researching it. The memory that was brought up was when I begged my grandmother to buy me a Sega Genesis game that I thought "looked" cool, but when I brought it home it ended up being a complete dud.

The game was Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny on Sega Genesis. It was THE WORST VIDEO GAME I have ever played in my entire life. Anyways, when the name of this game popped up in my head, not even 1-3 seconds later (for the sake of the ternary theory I am going to approximate 3 seconds later) she said out loud "Romance Lingerie" simply by just reading the sign which I had not noticed at all until she saw it.

There was no way of doctored coincidence as I was "zoned out" at the time and I was not even looking at anything if you will, my mind was deep in thought (seems to be a sub-conscious thing, which means it has to do with a link to the super naturalness of random thought). The word Romance being used in my head and her head is the Jalople as well as ALL the 3's in this situation. Look at the time, the cords, the name of the game. Almost all is divisible by 3.

Lesson Learned (Shannon Entropy)
I have yet to be romantic at all with this girl. And it seemed that was our greatest conflict. It seems to me that I can do a lot less "work" with working out our frustrations with each other if she knew that I truly loved her and cared about her more than just instrumentally (***, symbolism of having a hot girl on my arm, etc.). I have learned my lesson to say the least after what transpired afterward (she broke up with me but eventually got back together, more about that later).

Also, the HD DVD player did absolutely nothing to make the picture better thus the other lesson I was learning was not to buy something unless I fully researched it. The television we had was not equipped to do the amazing things I saw at Fry's electronics earlier that year.

-----END OF EMAILS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There is definitely a spiritual realm among us. Random thought seems to not be so random.

I have also created a "fire" meditation that can instantly make you feel peaceful and serene. Today I discovered that using it with cigarettes makes going into the astral projection world much much easier when closing your eyes for only 5 seconds after my "fire" meditation.

My "fire" meditation is a quick and effective way to meditate, if anyone wants to know how, e-mail me at Cuban217@msn.com or tweet me @MrConfuse217.
Jalople #2

Date Occured:
Unknown. It was this month though.

Actual time not know, but there was a 3 minute delay for the full jalople, explained later.

My General Location:
My house. I live in my parent's guest house.

Coordinates Approximation:

Location of Jalople:
I was sitting on my favorite chair in my house.

Who discovered it

People involved:
Alexis David Garcia & my wife PMC (haven't had the money to change her last name yet, weed is a horrible addiction lol)

Jalople Description:
I am going to make this clear and concise as possible so as not to confuse people. Simple is better.

My wife's camera broke where the battery sits in the camera. The spring mechanism that holds the battery down broke off. After some observation, I noticed that the weight of the cover of it would be enough to keep the battery in. It was easier to do this than to fix the mechanism or buy a new camera. 3 Minutes later she reminded me that the toilet was still leaking whenever we flushed the toilet. Our only options were either quick fix it ourselves by putting a plastic cup in the toilet, or as my dad to help us fix it (we really don't like bothering my dad for anything. He is a super Christian.) I ended up putting a cup on top of the mechanism and used the weight of the top of the toilet to keep it down so it wouldn't leak anymore.

Lesson Learned (Shannon Entropy):
Sometimes its just easier to try to fix things instead of spending money or time fixing it the "right" way.

Jalople #3

Date Occured:
01 + 02 = 03 for the date without the year

Around Noonish, didn't have a watch or a cell phone (not allowed in outpatient program, cell phone that is. I also didn't look at the clock on the wall).

My General Location:
At Riverside Center for Behavioral Medicine in the Fellowship room.

Coordinates Approximation:

Location of Jalople:
I was sitting in the Fellowship Room as well as in Craig's car.

Who discovered it
Me with the help of someone else.

People involved:
ADG <- Me & C a patient

Jalople Description:
C had a random thought while he was driving about an embarrassing moment in his life. I can go into further detail, but it is pointless unless people really want to know it in this thread. It ended up being something that he shouldn't have been embarrassed about. It then brought up all the memories of my remembering embarrassing moments and feeling really stupid about it even though there was no reason to be embarrassed about it at all.

Lesson Learned (Shannon Entropy):
I learned as well as C learned that these moments that we continue to beat ourselves up on shouldn't ever bother us anymore. The past is the past, and although at the moments we did them we are extremely embarrassed, it doesn't mean we should dwell on them.

I hope these lessons that I learn will help people with their own issues in this thread because I am starting to believe that someday I am going to be a Psychiatrist because I love helping people.

Jalople #4 made by CatchandKiss

Originally Posted by CatchandKiss (Hozzászólás 33251169)
January 6th. Caught some David Lynchesque ending to this new Japanimation show that started airing on TV, and kinda wondered what it was about.
January 7th. Had other things to do so forgot about urge to google.
January 8th. Clicked on the OT forums as is part of my morning ritual, and saw there was thread about THAT VERY JAPANIMATION.

Jalople #5 made by Tis a nice day

Originally Posted by Tis a nice day (Hozzászólás 33062015)
To be honest, while reading this thread, I found myself quite lost in your train of thought at times (especially for the first 2-3 pages).
Still interesting to try to read though.

Would it be considered a jalople that about three years ago in Beijing, China, I bit down on the exact location of a piece of cornbread which I bought at a cheap street vendor to reveal the hairy legs and body of a dead (cooked) cockroach without actually eating the cockroach?
If my bite was any smaller, I would not have revealed the cockroach, and if I had bit any further into the bread, I would have ingested cockroach for breakfast.

Of course I threw the bread away afterwards and vowed to never buy cornbread from cheap street vendors in China again.

Jalople #6 made by Slayermaster115

Originally Posted by Slayermaster115 (Hozzászólás 33072889)
well one day i was shopping at target, then i saw my old high school year book friend, this new years eve i watched dick clarks new years rocking eve and it turns out that friend was on it

Jalople #7 made by Anguibus <-- Considered a troll, but placing it here anyways for research sake.

Originally Posted by Anguibus (Hozzászólás 33103096)
Just earlier today, I felt like having a snack. Looking around, I noticed that there was a candy bar in my room.

Lesson learned: Jesus, Muhammed, and Ramakrishna have jointly blessed me with grace, wisdom, and serendipity, respectively. Truely I am a being given purpose such that transcends this mortal realm. Much as the US firms of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were deemed "too big to fail", so too am I guided by a mystic hand that shall ensure my inevitable success in whatever venture I should undertake.

Tomorrow I shall vaunt my authority when I go skydiving without a parachute. Stay tuned; even as a leaf flutters gently to the ground, so too shall I touch down: softly, gracefully, and without ruffling my delicate corduroy dress. My future is assured in a brilliant burst of polyanna and divinity.

Jalople#8 by 7xGM (myself):

Had a jalople today. Was talking to one of the patients at Riverside Counter Behavioral Medicine and he mentioned that what I am researching is Bioinformatics. This word is a jalople because it sounds like Biology in for manics if you replace the "t" with an "n". Very interesting stuff this bioinformatics.
Jalople #9

Date Occured:

Around 12.

My General Location:
Smoking section of the hospital where the outpatient patients smoke.

Coordinates Approximation:
Location of the smoking area where I was and she was when discussed.

Location of Jalople:
Multiple locations, where I did the mixture that would later be bath salt, and where someone would do a similar one.

Who discovered it
I did.

People involved:
ADG & my friend DRS

Jalople Description:
I was talking to someone about the mixture I made in a bathtub of everything I found in the garage, bathroom, kitchen, under the sink, etc. and they decided to tell me that they did a similar thing where they made a mixture in their bathtub at one time in their life but it was mostly of marijuana and they bathed in it like I did to mine. This is a very significant coincidence.

Lesson Learned (Shannon Entropy):
I guess the lesson learned is that I wasn't the only one crazy enough to do something like this and that other people have also have had similar "spiritual journeys" as I have. I also remembered her initials quite easily cause it spells out Dr.'s, lol. Another jalople in itself.

Please DOCUMENT JALOPLES and post them here. PLEASE!

Alex Garcia
Twitter: @MrConfuse217
E-mail: cuban217@msn.com
Main on WoW: Lďghtmare, Perplexia on Server: Vashj

c4lm 12-06-2012 10:41 PM

lay off the meth dude

7xGM 12-06-2012 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by Campir (Hozzászólás 32167546)
lay off the meth dude

I take no drugs except prescriptions drugs prescribed by my doctor. Obviously nothing strange has ever happened to you in your life that wasn't normal otherwise you would understand what I am trying to do. You must have a very boring life.

Fujiou 12-06-2012 11:03 PM

Isn't this called coincidence.

I don't mean to offend, but the fact that both of you happened to think of the same word really isn't that astounding.

c4lm 12-06-2012 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by Fujiou (Hozzászólás 32168074)
Isn't this called coincidence.

I don't mean to offend, but the fact that both of you happened to think of the same word really isn't that astounding.

It's called a Jalople you fucking idiot

Umbasa 12-06-2012 11:44 PM

so you were thinking of some bad game you played and the person you were with mentioned a word that was part of the title of that game. how is that statistically impossible.

Fujiou 12-06-2012 11:53 PM

Dude I just had a Jalople.

I messaged a bitch on OKCupid and she replied to me.

Mere Intricacy 12-07-2012 12:48 AM

What is the point documenting these?
You're not even documenting the same jalople, so how are there any constant variable to map something against.
You have many different jaloples, with nothing in common, so where is the useful information?

Why don't you just map the creation of the universe from the big bang..
So that is it a predicate chemical reaction.

Fujiou 12-07-2012 01:06 AM

I like how the entropy analysis has nothing to do with entropy and instead you just start talking about how you want to bone the chick or whatever.

7xGM 12-07-2012 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by Fujiou (Hozzászólás 32168074)
Isn't this called coincidence.

I don't mean to offend, but the fact that both of you happened to think of the same word really isn't that astounding.

Maybe I should update my definition to something that actually has a lesson behind it.

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