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Dashinize 12-06-2012 08:20 PM

Solo Queue support?
Personally I kinda like the role of support. I love to play bot lane in general, ADC, support, or kill lane compositions.

However my favorite champions to support with are a bit on the aggressive side, mostly Leona. I ping, i notify ahead of time my plans, etc, but my ADCs very rarely follow up with me on my agressive combos, which result in me dying at times.

I may be too used to playing with another friend of mine bot, voice chat while going hyper aggressive does help but I'm getting sick of teammates deciding when to go in when i'm the best initiator, desert me even if i stun 4/5 of their team, and blame me for dying.

Who's a good solo queue support that i can start to learn, because the constant blame on Leona is giving me headaches.

Helenid 12-06-2012 08:25 PM

Have you tried Kayle or Lux?

I normally see Lux mid oddly but she can hold her own on solo bot.

ReMeDyIII 12-06-2012 09:12 PM

Blitzcrank bot sounds like a better choice for you, because unlike Leona who pulls herself to the enemy, Blitz pulls the enemy to him. This gives greater opportunity for your ADC to follow up. He can tank a ton of dmg due to his mana shield passive and packs tons of CC with his knockup, pull, and short CD silence.

Nidalee could also be fun for you. Since she's all about the spear poke, there's really no follow up necessary. Her spear does a ton of damage (no joke). You don't have to get kills with her -- just wounding enemy champs, forcing them out of lane, and zoning them is great too. Plus with the S3 changes, AP support is more viable because Kage's Lucky Pick and Hauting Guise now build into something, so you can build AP even if you don't farm.

And yea, Lux bot works great, though I wouldn't consider her aggressive, since her early game dmg sucks. Tons of CC though, and since it's all poke, even if the ADC doesn't follow up, no harm done other than wasted mana.

Fiddlesticks and Ryze also work. Big damage dealers with CC for aggressive types, though lack the poke that Nidalee and Lux has.

NullAurelian 12-07-2012 06:35 AM

Perhaps you could consider Taric or Jarvan IV. Both are fairly tanky in their own right, and are usually played aggressively.

Taric differs in that his aggressive portion comes from his ranged stun, and he has a healing ability in cases that the fight goes horribly wrong. In addition, he gives an armor buff aura, an armor debuff ability, and a decent aura steroid. A bit more passive, and not quite as good of an initiator for team fights as Leona.

Jarvan IV is a little bit more like Leona - with no inherent sustain, he needs to make plays. However, he doesn't pack as much hard CC, but makes up for it in his ability to do damage by himself and a passive aura that gives bonus armor and attack speed. Mind you, the ult can be a bit tricky to land correctly.

Otherwise, the suggestions of the people above me are also fairly good choices.

AntHill 12-07-2012 06:14 PM

i have played leona games and had the same problem as you. This one time it happened I told my lane partner if you would follow up we could kill them both, and after 4 times of me dieing to them because of this he finally followed up and we easily killed both of them. so just being persistant and telling them from the start that if I go in you need to follow me they will probably watch more and actually follow up for you. Also leo is more of that late game carry type of champion. not through damage but utility. I'm sure if you start telling your team that if you go in then follow up from the beginning just like your lane partner then they will actually listen and help you out a bit.

morale of the story. communicate to your team that they need to follow up on you going in and say it multiple times throughout the game.

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