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JadothBloodreign 12-06-2012 07:55 PM

Have at me.
I'm on an epic losing streak. Lost the past 15 PVP games I've played. I kind of want to quit because I'm so bad. Maybe getting to level 28 from almost all bot games was an awful idea.


It's hard to describe a game through text, so I recorded one and uploaded it. It's short, one of those surrender-around-20 games. Anyway, go ahead and be merciless. Everything negative that could probably be said, I've already told myself. I have no idea what I did wrong or what I should be doing. Please tell me what I need to fix.

(And yes, I am rather upset right now.)

Nuclear Field 12-06-2012 11:01 PM

Well first things first, the bottoms were both named nerd rage(or something similar) so either that was an insane coincidence or they were playing together.

Second, your top was solo against malphite(ouch) and jax(double ouch) until,

Third, you had a good jungler to help out.

Now onto you:

There isn't much to say. You got out farmed and harassed like nobodies business. now onto you and your partners first two deaths:

start around 9:45 watch the fight closely, although you are shifting focus a lot, when Leona throws her sword, she was aiming for Sona, but missed and hit Caitlyn, which I think caused both of your first deaths down there because had she hit Sona then you would have both been focusing on a weak Sona, and if Caitlyn had no support she probably would have fallen back. (but still you should feel bad that you only have 28 cs at the 10 minute mark).

Next start at 12 and watch as another simple mistake takes you down. Stop at 12:25 and see how your missed skill shot killed you both (that and your refusal to fall back or your inability to remember that Sona still exists). Had your Skill shot connect, no Sona. No Sona means no stun. No stun means you both focus a half life Caitlyn and melt her face off.

The things you need to work on right now are: if your going to have a skill shot character, make sure you an land the skill shots.

Make sure you always, always, always last hit. And don't forget to farm and harass at the same time. Watch as Caitlyn shots you and last shots creeps as opposed to your focus on one or the other.

Never lose track of you opponents, when you ignore Sona for about three seconds in your second engagement it got you killed (also I would have positioned myself a bit closer towards the turret and farther away from Leona)

Stop using your flash so damn much. Got to 10:10, if your flash was up you'd have been able to pop out of there no problem but instead... well instead you run at them guns blazing. When the fight is lost at least try to get away, unless you are positive you won't get away and your focus can kill someone.

Also if you have a good dedicated jungler, spam pins on your location when you're being harassed or pushed to hard, he'll probably check out the situation and come to help, and if not at least you tried.

Finally, and this is the least important point cause in solo games teamwork is always a **** shoot, your team fights are a disaster. The only thing you can do is tell people who to focus on (if you know) or ask who should be focused (if you don't). That way there is at least a vague Idea behind the madness.

All in all you didn't screw up to bad. Just keep practicing the basics (last hitting and zoning especially) and you should start to see improvements in no time, especially as your awareness starts to improve(cause in bot matches you almost always know were they are/are going to be as opposed to PVP where players run around like a crazy person).

PS it's a game, have fun and don't get upset too much (just enough to learn!).

JadothBloodreign 12-07-2012 12:14 AM

First off, thanks for reviewing the replay.

Their bot lane was queued together, I asked them after the match and they said that they queued together along with the Malphite. I queued with our jungler, so I guess matchmaking wanted to even us out in that regard.

I didn't realize that they were running two people top until about 6 or 7 minutes in. I thought they had a jungler who was incredibly obsessed with the top lane.

Around 9 minutes in, I was asked to play more aggressively by my support, so I tried - which is why I tower dived them instead of backing off. ADC's not something I usually do and I've only played Graves a couple times. I'm a little more comfortable with Draven, but I recall we were kinda scrambling to lock in before time ran out. I'm also unsure if I've ever laned with a Leona before, so I don't know how to work with one.

I'm not used to teamfights because I'm either the first to die, or I'm completely unaware of teamfights going on.

Something I have always wondered is how people keep track of last hitting, where they are, their health bar, the minimap, and their opponent. Right now it takes almost all of my focus if I want to last hit (I can do it just fine in custom games where I'm completely alone, things start to get a little iffy when there are other people around) and I wind up unable to notice anything else. Or I can keep track of an enemy champion but then the minions kind of fade into the background.

Again, thank you for reviewing the replay. I do need to practice in something that's not bots, but in all four games I played tonight someone told me I was throwing the game or being useless. I don't like making teams lose or forcing them to drag me to a 4v5 victory.

Ministry 12-07-2012 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by JadothBloodreign (Hozzászólás 32163464)
(And yes, I am rather upset right now.)

I've been meaning to play with you mate, been busy this week. Message me sometime when you're available and I'll make sure you win :D

Anyways, take care Jaddy.

- Your Mentor

Nuclear Field 12-07-2012 02:15 AM

Wow, three people together. That's really stacking it in favor of them.

Yeah, it's easy to not look at the other lanes but eventually you'll get in the habit of looking down at the mini map and making a mental note of whose MIA and most likely the jungler(if they are using a non-standard jungler[which is less likely now]). And it is very odd that both Jungle/top chose to split the loot by duo-ing rather than one peeling off, but c'est la vie.

I didn't want to say anything cause I'm not very familiar with leona, but she knew enough to leave the farm to you(a good sign) and tanked well with the Eclipse as far as I could tell. But she never used the Oracles elixir and didn't throw many wards. So I have no idea if she was good or not. And you did need to play more aggressively. Push the zone and force one(preferably Caitlyn) to teleport back, that way it's easier to farm and harass. Instead you had them on the run and over extended, even if you killed Sona the turret might have still killed one of you, but it might have been worth it if it made it 1v1 for a while down there(assuming Caitlyn didn't get the kill and/or Leona was killed over you). but that's another thing that comes with practice is knowing when to dive and how far. You messed that one up so make a note of how(pushed to far for that particular situation) and try not to do it again.

Team fight, it's basically up to team comp and who's the most fed and who has the most counters while taking into account the amount of CC of the ADC ATP MIA LoL... you get the picture. It's complicated and will vary from game to game. Just try not to die and melt as many people as possible(which I think other than, 'Destroy the nexus' is about as useless as advice can get for an ADC).

Last hitting gets easier the more you practice. Since you can do it well in bot mode, just remember what the HP bar looks like when you should last hit and look for that as you constantly scan the battlefield for other champs/positions/traps/wards/zones/ganking situations (It's next to impossible to explain how to get field awareness, just learn what works for you). Obviously it's nearly impossible to get 100% but you should be getting pretty damn close, especially if you are in middle of your zone, and the harassing isn't too bad.

You weren't entirely useless either, but Caitlyn has way more range than Graves making her harassing ludicrously easy and it was just bad luck that Jax and malphite both stayed top and forced your jungler to basically be a duo top rather than a prolific ganker. Had jax or malphite been jungling, just look back at the video at all the times the bottoms over extended themselves past the river, imagine if nocturne was able to spring in there and make it 3v2 even just one of those times. Ouch.

Find a few styles you like and just practice practice practice(against humans, not bots). And remember at some point everyone was or will do terrible.

Also don't listen to 99% of the in-game chatter cause they are just Debbie-downers looking for a scapegoat. If you want to get better just learn some metagame, practice it, and it will put you leagues above most of the lower ranked players.

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot this one. If you are playing locked camera, stop now. A lot of bot players seem to use the locked camera, if you are one of them I guarantee that is what is killing your battlefield awareness.

AntHill 12-07-2012 06:27 PM

as far as the last hitting thing goes you want the last hitting to be secondary in your mind. like to the point of you just do it out of "muscle memory" (wrong term but it works) basically you do it without thinking. its just natural. I haven't watched the replay so I have no idea how cait was doing or anything.

Second part. while keeping last hitting tucked away in your mind you should be hitting the enemy laner any time they go for a last hit. So say I was the cait and I went in for a last hit and you were in range to hit me. as long as you dont have a minion to take care of you should be getting a couple of free hits in on me then backing off and going for last hits again. that is the proper way to play adc. as far as going aggressive on them, when your leona goes in you go in. it doesnt mean take it upon yourself to dive under the tower just to do some damage. but rather watch your lane partner and follow up when they go on the offense. It is understandable for you to not understand how leona works the first time but after a couple combos should be easy to figure her out.

So yeah I hope that helps. maybe later when I get home I can have a look at the replay or search a couple others you have and give some more advice.

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