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Zarkof 12-06-2012 02:47 PM

[Champion Concept] Jenpa, the Temporal Assassin

Moby the White 12-06-2012 02:49 PM

jenpa added to list of champions to review tonight

Moby the White 12-06-2012 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by Moby the White (Hozzászólás 32154982)
jenpa added to list of champions to review tonight

As promised
Jenpa's Lore PQWER:

Lore: 24/25
Reason: I noticed a few minor errors. I also found it odd that Zilean didn't inform her of the league when he first met her but that didn't cost you anything

P: 23/25
Reason: It meets the theme of vengence but I didn't think it met the theme of timey wimey stuff. Also i felt that 30% increased attack speed might be too high only docked one point for that because i may change it after researching other AS buffs.
I also will change this P score if you update your passive in the near future to something different. This one was a hard one to judge since you do have an underlying theme within your lore that being the theme of a vengeful assassin.

Q. 24/25
Reason: I felt it was pretty unique and cool, I feel you can touch up the description just a little bit to better describe the persist and re-activate feature. Maybe introduce a diminishing effect for damage dealt by additional knives. Make each knife do X damage. Each additional knife has their damage subtracted by Y. Maybe something like that. If you want you could make it so that she can press it and direct each knife individually just another idea for you.

W. 20/25
Reason: Zilean's E is called Time Warp, his only affects the movement speed of one target by 55%. I felt it was way overpowered, and slightly unoriginal. Your passive has a similar effect to this spell so it is almost as if you have a spell that can activate your passive at will. It has synergy with your passive but that is only because they are practically doing the same thing. I docked you points for stealing Zilean's spell name too.

E. 25/25
Reason: everything fulfulls my requirements. However allow me to just say that I don't really like how the animation description sounds. I kind of wished that she was going to throw the knife at target location, "stop time", dash to her knife, grab her knife, and then attack nearby targets. Just one of those jo-jo stylistic kind of animations that you could have.

R. 23/25
Reason: I felt you could clear up a few things in how you worded it. Also I felt that some indication of possible damage done by this spell would have been helpful no points docked for that though. I would consider adding in that damage mitigation for being hit by multiple knives in some fashion in order to regain the point for balance.

Bonus: +3

Total Lore PQWER: 142/150

Eklispe 12-25-2012 05:34 PM

This idea sounds totally awesome i would love it if this character was in the league. Course i have no champion design experince but w.e

Dzanio 12-26-2012 10:51 PM

First off, I would like to thank you as a reviewer for including base stats at level 18; most people omit this, and make me spend extra time calculating values.

Appearance: 5' 7" and 100 lbs? Must be anorexic.

Passive: Interesting; will be exceedingly overpowered in lane where most champs won't have cc up enough to even proc the ability every time it's up. I would increase the base cd to 30ish seconds, and have it scale down. Or have the cd dependent upon the number of nearby enemies i.e. Irelia.

Q: An enemy hit by all 3 blades in misdirection would take over 180 base damage +44.75% bonus AD scaling on top of 130 base damage plus 100% bonus AD. Total damage = 310 + 144.75% Bonus AD at max ranks. generally single target AD abilities do about 200 base damage, and have about 120% bonus AD scaling at max ranks. multi target abilities usually deal less base damage, and have higher scalings, however given Pantheon's "Certain Death" ability (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Pantheon), I can't say the ability is completely overpowered. I do think it will be easier to land max damage from the combo that it would be to channel panth's e for the full duration however, and that should be taken into account. Furthermore I think the ability has too much range, potentially up to 1200 for the more damaging ability, misdirection. This is far too much poke for an AD assassin.

W: For every enemy Champion in the radius. Duration on the attack/ms slow should not exceed 2 seconds, especially for a multi target ability such as this (8 is ludicrous), and the ms buff is too high; should be about 15% total, and that only for about 3 seconds max. Most attack speed buffs last 3-5 seconds. Generally those that last 5 seconds have a cap as to the number of attacks they can affect.

E: Misdirection damage already too high; if you must have a mark here, have it work by some other mechanism (with this you'd have 6 projectiles converging on an enemy; almost the same as a talon ult). I'd make the marks be consumed when hit by another of her abilities, or by auto attacks. Also, the base damage is too high for an ability which leaves a mark, should cap at 120-160 base damage. I'd increase the scaling to 120% bonus AD.

R: Can't effect baron or drag (Note that this effect is largely irrelevant to the ability anyway since it makes everyone except her invulnerable). Dispatch on a .5 second cd for 4 seconds? -.- I should not even comment. Look at the numbers on that, it's so rediculous I don't think OP even covers it.

Fl1cks 12-27-2012 11:39 AM

I like this champ idea, should probably be made into a champion of LoL.

ZanzabarTheEagle 01-24-2013 01:40 AM

i like it.

Nysta 01-25-2013 10:25 AM

Seeing your math calculations, might it be that you confused the R and the Q's damage? Or did you count in the E's damage? Also.. I do have some most weird ideas on how to rework this champion - just one problem, you probably don't want to do that.

Might also be that I have gotten a bit ridiculous in this post, but I think it's worth reading it.

So, about the lore:

I'd change it to:


Jenpa was a spy working for Noxus. She had been sent to infiltrate the ranks of the Demacian soldiers at Kalamanda. She was present when the fighting there began and was caught in the temporal stasis with the rest of the soldiers. When the effect wore off, it had already changed her permanently. Having failed her mission and being unaware of her new powers, she began her return trip to Noxus, only to be confronted by Demacian soldiers on her way. They had suspected her of being a Noxian spy and began pressuring and threatening her. After a while, she decided she'd had enough and so tried to escape the soldiers.

One of the soldiers grabbed her arm before she could begin running, however. This startled Jenpa and she became afraid and panicked. When she moved to break the soldier's grasp, she noticed something peculiar: The soldiers had seemed to stop moving. Not just the soldiers, though. All of her surroundings stood still. It was as if the time itself had stopped. She quickly seized the opportunity and drove her blade through each soldier's throat. The flow of time resumed when she was finished and all of the soldiers dropped to the ground simultaneously.

This event did not go unnoticed, however. Zilean became aware of the temporal disturbance long before Jenpa had even caused it and sought her out. Before she could advance any further on her way back to Noxus, he intercepted her and explained what had happened and that it was her that had caused it to happen. Being aware of her destiny, Zilean offered to help her harness this new power to a usable form. After weeks of training, Jenpa was ready to return to Noxus. When she returned, however, she was met with skepticism for her late arrival and failure at Kalamanda. They accused her of treason and being a double agent, and the guards pressed in on her, deaf to her explanations and pleas. This time, instead of panicking and slaying them all, she used her power to escape Noxus. Branded as a traitor of Noxus and with nowhere to go, she sought out the League of Legends as a means to get her revenge on Noxus and its champions.
I am not a native speaker though. I just feel that this sounds better. I'm very sorry if this is plainly wrong. I do consider my English to be rather good though.


Passive: Quicktime - Every 25 seconds, Jenpa gains the Quicktime buff, reducing duration of the next Crowd Control (Stun, Slow, Snare, Silence, Fear, Taunt, or Knockup) effect on her by 50%. Cooldown activates upon reducing an effect.
I would make it so that she gains a Quicktime stack every 40/30/20 seconds stacking up to a maximum of 3 stacks, each reducing the effect the next CC has on her by 50%. A stun would cause this effect to lose two stacks, a slow would cause it to lose one stack. If she gets stunned twice within those 20 seconds, she will get stunned for the full time. This will however remove the obvious weakness against soft cc's.

Q: Dispatch/Misdirection (and R, obviously):
I would make the second cast hurt a little more, and have it so that the over-all scaling is balanced about hitting two blades. These skills seem to be strong, but they are rather close range and only really effective if the target is right in front of her. Have a look at graves and make it be a little bit stronger, seeing that you have to hit twice. This is if you remove the note, which I would.
Graves: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 80% Bonus AD) physical damage. Max Range 750.
Now that you see this, you will probably see what I mean and be willing to buff this to maybe the same initial damage and a bit less secondary damage (half of that = 0.4). Just think of other abilities scalings, it's not uncommon to just have a double hit. It would not be fair if this ability had to be used perfectly and still not be worth a double hit.
Also, having it not be possible to have a target be hit by multiple daggers from one cast is a bad idea. The first cast will most probably never hit multiple targets, unless you're sitting right in front of them, and seeing that it would deal reduced damage for every dagger that goes through the target, the damage would be comparable to Graves' Q. The second cast is more likely to hit multiple targets, but I think that is fine, too. I think you think this is stronger than it is The damage reduction should be 35% though, not 30%. I prefer it being that way compared to the other way (every thing OP) though.
I do see why you chose it to be that way though. You want her to jungle with this skill. I don't think this will be a problem. Usually I'd have recommended a higher base cooldown. But seeing this would make it a real pain to jungle, I would just have the damage amplification on the second cast scale: 20/25/30/35/40%.

W: Singularity Field Device Does this move around with her? This ability is really troubling me. I think the attack speed buff is too low for the duration of this ability. If this is meant to help her burst, ganking and probably even jungle clearing, it will have to be a tad more efficient. This is not because 50% attackspeed was bad, but because 2(4) seconds of time is really little time. Believe me, the radius you specified is really low. This will only affect people in melee attack range. That is fine. But it should be stronger to account for that.

E: Blur I think this ability is a tad too strong. This is rather AOE-heavy and a huge displacer. I would lower the initial damage scalings by a lot. To about 0.6. But I would also buff the secondary damage to the same amount. I would also nerf the base damage a bit. This will make the overall damage a little bit more directed but not necessarily weaker. Just weaker when facing multiple enemies, where you then have to make the choice of who to hit.

R: Time Stop I think the general idea is interesting. I know it from Chronos. I would not make it be a channeling skill. I would just make it so that it activates after a delay of 3.5 seconds. This will basically allow her to deal some damage while everyone else is unable to do anything and will only be able to have a closer look at the situation. To not make this overpowered I would not make this be in an area but on the whole map. Otherwise clever positioning would enable your team to follow up and fight the stunned enemy team or just allow them to escape while only the enemies are frozen due to your great positioning.
You would also have to rethink the direction the blades head at first. I'd say you place up to 3 blades in the time of the cast and always chose their own direction separately. Also I would increase the duration to 3.5 seconds. The second activation could stay the same. The movement-speed buff would have to be removed or reduced to 40%. She herself should not be able to deal damage in that time either. Only to set up dealing damage. Therefor I would also buff the blades damage ratio to 0.5. I would change the second activation. The blades would now automatically return towards her in an arch (not straight, but slowly changing its direction, still travelling about 25 units further) and deal the same damage on that way. The blades would deal 25% less damage for every enemy they have hit.This would not have a soft cap. After hitting the fourth enemy the blades would stop travelling (or just deal no damage anymore).
It would keep the 30% less damage dealt to every enemy that has already been hit by a blade from this ability.

I'm sorry that I have made those suggestions, usually one does just correct numbers or say when mechanics are bad ideas. I do think a simple Chronos ultimate would be a mistake. The thing you suggested would probably have been fine, too. I just felt that it would leave you so little time to act and just feel very wrong due to that. And there is no way to increase the duration in your concept.

Even so, I do hope there is something useful in this post. I think I'll do a proper review of one of your champions some time. Reading this one just made me want to comment on it. It made me want to create a champion based on the same ideas. I tried to stick close to what you were doing and just to modify your abilities though. So once again, I'm sorry about that and I do understand if you don't want to make those changes happen.

I have read some of the comments you already have on this champion. Seems you have done rather big changes already.


Nysta 01-25-2013 10:51 AM

I have another idea concerning the ultimate. If you do all the changes I suggested and remove the active part you could have her be able to set up abilities. Those will deal damage as soon as the time ultimate is over. Also I do think this could look really cool, to see her travel normally and have everything else stop, have the blades from the dash stay in the air, have the coned blades stay in the air, have her leave a trail of some kind while it is still active..
I would even consider doing this anyways and just have the abilities go on cooldown after the ultimate is finished. I mean having you be able to set up the blades from the ultimate as well. Seeing that she would be some kind of invulnerable burst assassin that way, I think that is a tad too strong. But seeing that it would just be cool, I'd have her abilities damage (not the ultimate's ones) be reduced by 50%. she could then chose between activating them and waiting for her cooldowns, or not activating them to use them to their fullest extent (of damage).

Nysta 01-25-2013 01:51 PM

What? You can do this 3 times? That reads like 'you can cast the Q 3 times' instead of you can cast the special skill from the ult 3 times.. as what I did read it. What do you mean by that, you really confused me now.

I don't think I misunderstood any of your other spells. I merely suggested to change them.


And about the spell name, sorry, I merely had more of your champions open at that time and added the names of the Q, W, E, R later on.

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