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Talamare 12-06-2012 10:53 AM

Minor Suggestions for Zed
I have been playing Zed pretty often recently and have noticed some things that could be improved upon

His Q, its interesting but fairly lackluster in many ways
-The range is on the short side at only 900 for a skillshot
-The damage is decent if you can hit with both clone and your own, but that is usually unrealistic
-The cost is a bit on the high side
-Its incredibly thin for how slowly it moves

His W is fun, but
-The long cooldown reduces how often you can enjoy it
-His set is meant to combo with each other, but most of the combos are reliant on this ability, and again the cooldown is staggering high
-The range feels a little short
-Even with E reducing this cooldown, its still a bit on the high side

His R is by far one of the most interesting abilities I have seen, except its range of effectiveness is insanely large

It will either do nothing or be insanely OP, and the scaling on it says its only decent starting at 11 or 16, since the rank 1 is pretty pathetic damage

This ability needs to have a bit more consistency to it, and I personally would suggest giving it base damage but reducing the scaling slightly

I would say
Rank 1 - 100 + 1.0 AD + 15% of the damage you dealt
Rank 2 - 150 + 1.0 AD + 30% of the damage you dealt
Rank 3 - 200 + 1.0 AD + 45% of the damage you dealt

masterdragon481 12-06-2012 12:22 PM

personally I disagree with your opinion of his Q, its very strong. It does have a high cost, but its a phenomenally strong spell and if it didnt have a large energy cost there would be issues. Its range is a bit short because of your W.

That being said, I agree with everything you said about his W. Its everything to his game, his escape, his initiation, his poke, and his energy sustain. And he does have huge energy issues. Energy champs are suppose to be strong early and have issues with energy pools late game, its how they are designed, but I feel like zed actually OOEs himself more often than he should early game....... Despite W being so important for him, it needs to be leveled last because you really cannot give up the damage from your E or your Q......I don't know how to balance this, but it is a major problem.

I love the concept of his R but I don't thing your solution is the best. The only thing that I believe needs to happen is a range increase on the move (its really hard to catch up to an opponent with its range) and, more importantly some CC on it (a root or a silence) so you can actually get off some damage with it.

Talamare 12-06-2012 07:05 PM

Wow I just discovered something from Zed that not only disappointed me but pissed me off

His W has a max teleport range of around 800-900, if you go past that you can no longer swap with your shadow even if its still alive

They seriously need to increase this

OT Shadow 12-07-2012 03:34 PM

considering his q hits more than my ad i'd say his q is fine.

oh btw this would only increase zeds already insane burst damage at full build. so i'm fine if he gets buffed it will only increase his burst damge even more from 4200+ damage in 3 seconds

Kholdstare13 12-07-2012 03:48 PM

Zed has too much burst too fast already. He can instantly win a 1v1 with any ad carry,even if you immediately attempt to exhaust and suppress him when he launches his ult, he will have already hit a double or triple q, dodges most of what you try and fight back with by flashing all over his shadows, and just instant kills you through any kind of cc you can throw. He is an assassin and is insanely powerful at that job. Whenever a single target is isolated, he can burst them from full to none and flash back out of any counterattack within about 3 to 4 seconds. You need a tank at the ready to have any hope of prying him from his target when he wants to ult in.

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