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BetaNights 12-06-2012 02:05 AM

What am I doing wrong...?
Hallo, peoples! And Champions. :3

I have a question for you guys here. I've just started LoL this last day or so... I liked it, so I pitched in a couple bucks to buy Riven (I love her playstyle, which is strange since I usually like extremely bulky hard-hitters). But my problem arose even before that.

I can almost never seem to get any kills whatsoever! In about 3-4 games (Co-Op vs. AI) I got a total of 2-3 Champion kills... all in the same game! Ironically, when I first used Riven... But no matter what I do, I can never seem to get close to a kill! I'll launch all my skills at the enemy when they're in a safe range, and I barely make a dent in them half the time! Then they just turn around and nearly massacre me!

I'm pretty sure I'm doing decent with items (I usually go for Brutalizer, Bloodthirsters, Mercury's Treads, some armor like Guardian Angel, etc.). Can someone give any tips or advice to a noob Summoner, please? I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance! :D

RubenatorX 12-06-2012 04:25 AM

First off, low level players are usually overly focused on getting kills, but learning how to kill bots is definitely an important skill! Probably the most important thing in deciding to get a kill, is that you also have to be able to get away with your life or it was probably not worth the effort (there are many exceptions to this rule, but this is always the goal).
I will talk about 4 things that will help you secure a kill, and then I'll mention some Riven specific things.
1) have the items (have the gold)
Last hitting is an essential part of the game. You will not get gold from minions unless you deal the killing blow. The more minions you last hit, the more money you will have, and the more money you have, the better your items. Bots generally just gain copious amounts of gold whether they last hit or not because they are programmed that way. Don't learn from their example. Having close to equal gold (or preferably an advantage) is important to securing a kill, which will then net you even more gold.
2) Harass
harassing means whittling your opponent down before you go for the jugular. Whenever you go in to do damage, your opponent is likely to retaliate. You must learn how to go in, put more damage on them than they put on you, and then back off and wait for ability cooldowns. rinse repeat. This applies more to the laning phase of the game.
3) know when to go in
there are 3 major things to consider when you are going in for the kill
--1] Comparative health and armor
In general, they should probably have less HP than you. Take care to notice how much armor and magic resist they have, because that essentially stretches their HP out.
--2] Ability cooldowns
If they have recent used an ability, that means they won't be able to use it for a few seconds (or longer depending on what ability it is), this gives you an advantage. Ideally, you want to have all your abilities ready, and at least 1 of their abilities on cooldown. Summoner spells are arguably more important. They have incredibly long cooldowns so if they used theirs and you haven't thats a huge advantage.
--3] Positioning
Don't dive them under their turret unless you KNOW you can kill them and make a clean getaway.
Try not to push your minnions too hard, so that the minnions fight closer to your turret than to their turret, so that you are closer to safety and they are farther from safety.
Ambushing from a bush can be effective.
Finally 4) have a plan of escape
When you go for a kill, its likely that someone on the other team will try to stop you, and probably try to kill you first or in return. plan your escape route ahead of time or know generally where the other champions are.
Final General tip, save a stun for when they try to get away.

Okay, now that the boring part is over: Riven tips

Make sure you auto attack in between uses of broken wings (Q), her passive makes those auto's hurt more. e.g. Q -> right click -> Q -> right click -> etc.
When harrassing do something like the following depending on the situation:
at low levels:
Q up to them, land an auto attack, use the 3rd Q's knockback as a chance to walk away.
Valor (E) up to them, smack them with Q's, walk away
Q up to them, and smack them and Valor away when they counter attack.

At level 3 or 4 you can throw in your stun (W) and an extra auto attack before backing out.

When going in for the kill, do something like
Valor (E) at them, Q -> auto attack -> Q auto attack then Stun them with W, walk behind them (in the direction they are trying to run) and use your third Q to knock them away from safety, then auto attack them as they try to run away, and use valor to keep up and hit them more.

After you get your ult at level 6, do the same as above except do your ult right before you start, and finish them off with your ult right before they get away (or too deep into tower range) (Riven's Ult does more damage when they are close to death so its likely to finish them off)
also, learning to move your champion in between auto attacks in the direction they are running will help you stay in attack range (e.g. right click the prey,wait for auto to complete, right click ahead of the prey, right click the prey, wait for auto attack to complete... note that this can take a lot of practice for some people.

Riven is actually a fairly high skill required champ so, you may consider using a different champ for a while and coming back to her. She will forgive you I promise.

BetaNights 12-06-2012 11:02 AM

Thank you so much, RubenatorX! I will try and keep these in mind, and practice out some of these if I can play tonight. I may play around with some other characters a bit anyway. I'd like to have some variety so I can play as more than just Riven. ^^;;

I usually love to play as the bulky, tanky character that can just walk into the fray and lay waste to my opponents, while tanking the hits they try to send back (regardless of my speed). But I find Riven pretty enjoyable, even if she's not so bulky. For now, before I invest any points on new characters, I'll probably try Rammus or something.

So again, thanks for the help! I'll let you know how things go! :3

RubenatorX 12-06-2012 11:34 AM

The interesting thing about riven, is that her moves scale of off attack damage, even her shield, so as you get more attack damage, her shield get's stronger, and if you get lifesteal (like blood thirster for example) you will be really hard to kill as long as they don't focus their crowd control (stuns and such) on you.
Happy Hunting

BetaNights 12-06-2012 12:23 PM

Yeah, I heard about that! Thanks! ^^" I'll let you know how it goes, probably later on (if I have time).

Scoteecopter 12-06-2012 06:05 PM

To start off, I do want to say I love Riven. She is a lot of fun to play and does some serious damage.

But as far as how to improve, put Google and YouTube to work for you. There are a plethora of written and video guides for every champion out there. There is more to playing a champion than item builds and spamming abilities on cooldown. One thing to keep in mind is that champion kills are not the only focus of the game. Last hitting minions (especially early game) gives some serious gold and xp while a champion give you 300. This can be the difference between having a Bloodthirster at the 20 minute marker and having one at the 35 minute mark. If you are far behind in items and levels, you aren't going to do much damage.

That being said, Riven thrives off attack damage. Her passive makes her autoattacks do more damage and her ultimate gives you a % of bonus AD for the duration. Brutalizer and Bloodthirster is definitely the way to go. During the laning phase, you won't be able to kill your opponent in a quick combo. Poke a bit at him using your E, then W and this will work his health lower. The shield helps negate counter poke and the W keeps him stunned long enough for you to get back out of melee range. If you lower his health enough you can use your full combo of abilities to finish him off. When using your ultimate, make sure to pop it right before you start attacking. It gives you a ton of attack damage as well as increases your range. By hitting it early you utilize the bonus as much as possible. Remember that the secondary activation on it does more damage the lower health you target it. So wait until your enemy is low before popping it again.

BetaNights 12-07-2012 12:23 AM

Thnaks for the tips there! I know it's not incredibly important to get Champion KOs as it is to simply level up and get gold, but I would like to make it through a battle without seeing the Kill counter at 0. Well, at least I'm great with assisting! I once finished a game with no kills, a few deaths, and a large amount of assists. ^^;;

I'll definitely look up some Riven guides, at least to get an idea of what to do. I'm completely new to the game, but I look forward to playing more! It's awesome so far! :D

BetaNights 12-11-2012 09:11 PM

Well, after some more matches and some practice (when I can manage the time), I have to say, I am still thoroughly enjoying this game! Riven will probably be my main, with a tank like Rammus as my secondary, but who knows... Haven't played anyone since I got Riven!

I am getting better at getting KOs, and surviving in general. Out of two matches in particular, one I excelled at, while the other I... did alright.

The first one (the decent one) had me soloing top lane against Renekton... Now I see why they say only he can outright defeat Riven... But I'm proud! I actually didn't die as much, and I kept him and another Champion back fairly well! In the second match, I actually got more Champion kills than anyone else (even got a Teamwork point for it), which ended the match at 8 kills, 2 deaths, and a handful of assists, I believe. I'm getting more used to Riven's "attack and run" playstyle, and am able to utilize it well enough to stay alive. Plus I know how to use my ultimate and skills when I do go for the chase & kill.

Thank you all for the help! I'm always looking for new tips to help me out, so let me know how it all goes! :D

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