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3FE 12-05-2012 10:00 PM

Poll: Duo's in Solo/duo que
After contacting Riot various times over reports/warnings I've received for MY game play which I infringed on other players a bad experience, they told me to take a poll on the following subject to better seat their engineers on designing a smoother experience for others.

++The point here is to NOT eliminate the duo que, because I enjoy playing with friends as much as others, Ranked is VERY competitive and deserves the right to be exclusive to that attitude++

The following question helps me straighten out the ELO problems most people face after a loss with a duo partnership in Soloque:
---------Ranked Poll----------------
1--- Do you find it fair, as a player in the #2/3/4 position in champion select to Risk losing more Elo because of a Duo Partnership(ie top pick 1200 elo, bot pick 900 elo)?

2--- Would you feel comfortable with a Limit, of 100-150 Elo Above/Below to partnerships in ranked matches?

3--- Would losing 8/9 Elo for matches lost with a Top/Bottom pick duo partnership be acceptable, and the partnership lose 12+ depending on spacing, if there is no limit to duo partnerships? (Vice Versa for wins, to even out the fairness, of lesser skilled opponents, this fits for BOTH teams)

4--- Would you agree on an increase of difficulty to Gain elo as a partnership of partnerships over 200 elo in difference?


1--- Would you feel comfortable using the following limit: >28 any level may duo and limit <30's who are more skilled/ranked to not be allowed to duo with lower levels(28 or lower)?
IE: A level 30 rank 1200 duo's with a level 12, giving the team with the duo level 28-30's, and the other team level 25-28. (this would be how the matchmaking would host a lobby)

2--- Would a 2 level limit on duo partnerships of players under level 28 be acceptable?

Ranked Logics:
1- You did not ask to be placed with the duo/ask to take the gamble of playing and either playing better skilled teams or less skilled teams. The partnership is most likely a high elo/very skilled person, playing with a less skilled/ lower person, who most likely ended up there for their own gameplay habits. (i've been as low as 500 elo. yet solo'ed my way to 1226+, it's your OWN gameplay that gets you low, and the only way to improve is to practice and beat past the bad teams)
2- This would bring the teams closer together and allow the opposite team to be closer in elo as well, so the game is not as lopsided.
3- This way we can agree a loss is a loss, and the risk is more fair for the middle players, as well as the opposing team, and Boosting will be cut back more than ever.
4-Boosting prevention.

Normals Logic:
1- This would prevent players with fully developed skills and full runepages/lots of summoners from joining games to give new/lower undeveloped players a bad experience... preventing from Riot losing possible future customers/good players/etc.
2- This also prevents the combo's you see of players that are in a group of 2+ from joining games and getting paired with a lower, undeveloped team.

Feedback is welcomed, please, this is not a crybaby post, just my ideas, and something I've well thought about! No need for downvotes, rudeness, or disruptive comments.

Thanks for reading!

PrisonerOne 12-06-2012 09:06 AM

1 - No.
2 - No. The limitation should be more about # of games played, in my opinion.
3 - No opinion.
4 - No. As far as I'm aware, Riot already accounts for Duo's when calculating a team's Elo for matchmaking.
1 - No.
2 - No. Normals are for learning without fear of penalty.

3FE 12-07-2012 09:21 PM

Thank you for the Feedback!

I appreciate some more detailed responses as well.
Hopefully you are not a victim of this, and if you are, I wish you the best of luck.

Slikayce 06-11-2013 01:59 PM

I am finding trouble in duo que. Me and my friend are within the same elo, we both fluctuate which is higher, were never more than 100 apart. But when we duo, we are always the last 2 picks. This causes problems as neither of us get to play a role we want. Now im not complaining, i dont mind supporting, but when its every game you or your friend has to support it just gets anoying. We want the chance to both play a role we are good at, but were lucky if one of us gets our role. I think they need to change the fact that we are always the last 2 picks, and just make it random.

Arcticfury 06-11-2013 02:03 PM

How many games have you played as a duo?

Arcticfury 06-11-2013 02:08 PM

Also, it appears that you have been playing jungle more than support and your duo has been playing more support. As for being on bottom, that shouldn't continue to happen, it should bounce up and down. I find that I am often 3rd pick lately, but I've had trends where every other game I was first and others where it seemed like I was always last. With only 5 options and the 2 of you having very similar MMRs I'd be willing to bet that you'll almost always be right next to each other giving you only 1 of 4 options, making the two of you being last 25% of the time.

Goats Head Soup 06-11-2013 03:20 PM

1. No, but it must be implemented if you are allowing ranked duo's with that large of a difference in ranked.

2. A limit would make complete sense. If you ask me, people from different tiers should not be matched up together, and same should go for duo partners.

3. I would say a duo should get 110% penalty for a lose, and 90% reward for a win. Having a duo partner has an advantage, and that should balance it out.

4. Yes. As the duo get's farther spread out in rank, the elo gain should be harder (for both). Bell curve though.


1. Balance should not be done by levels, but mmr.

2. Not at all. There should be no limit between level match ups. These are normal matches, and not allowing friends to play together on them for any reason would be unacceptable.

Ranked Logics:
1. They could easily make a button saying "don't group me up with a duo queue". This would increase queue length's by a bit though.
2. True. This won't solve the fact that most games are lopsided, but it could help.
3. True.
4. Yes. Right now it is extremely easy to be a good player, make an account bronze 5, and then duo with your friend to have two high level players versing much lower level players. Again, it wouldn't solve the problem of boosting, but it will help.

Normals Logic:
1. You have to realize that many of the <30 accounts are actually smurfs. Level's aren't really a meaningful way to measure a players skill.
2. I completely disagree. I see no logic behind that.

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