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Gawthyc 12-05-2012 04:03 PM

Is Syndra good or does she need a buff?
I've been looking at her, and I really want to try her out. I understand that learning how to play her can be a challenge, but I'll accept it if it comes with good results.
However, I heard that upon release, she wasn't all that powerful. I'm aware that she got a buff, but did it make her any more viable? I haven't seen a single Syndra since release, so this does concern me slightly.
Anyhow, is she worth playing right now, or does she need a buff?

Hjørne 12-05-2012 04:31 PM

She is good, but she is high skill cap.

High skill cap = hard

Hard = effort in learning the champion

If you're willing to learn her, she can be quite powerful/fun :]

Strikerblade 12-05-2012 04:35 PM

She's pretty good, but easily countered by many mid champs, because most mid champs have very high mobility, and can therefore avoid all her skills but her ult, which some can also avoid (Ex. Fizz, trollpole once she ults, or Kassadin, just silence her.)

abyssalxone 12-05-2012 04:58 PM

Shes pretty fun, but I would wait till she comes on free. In my opinion she is in desperate need of buffs there is pretty much nothing she does that makes her worth picking over other mids.

Neo Cyrus 12-05-2012 05:58 PM

Save your 6300 IP. She is THE maximum effort/minimum reward champion. Syndra is, in the opinion of even pro players, the most (relatively) useless champion ever made. A micro buff and bug fixes like the last time won't fix Syndra, it's broken to the point that it needs massive work.

Jesus the Friend 12-05-2012 06:04 PM

She needs a buff.

You can do what Syndra does with several others... except easier, with less risk and with greater rewards.

anu mara 12-05-2012 08:19 PM

Syndra is too high a skill cap for too little return.

With Oriana and with great play I can save allies, keep enemies from escaping, utterly change team fights, expose a carry, slow/speed 7 or so players, and zone. Basically soo very many things with 4 skills.

With Syndra you get damage, knockback, possibly a long range mass stun. It's just too much work and risk for a return that's 'free' on other champions. And unfortunately she's just in a position with her damage and utility mix riot just can't do much.

Halegorn 12-05-2012 09:09 PM

Syndra is a very selective champion and has what I believe to be a good kit. They kind of solved her mana issues unless she spams a ton, and she deals a lot of damage. She can counter pick a handful of champions, but her true power lies in her combos. She has great poke, pretty good poke, moderate cc, and high burst. A good Syndra can dismantle single targets and groups with her fairly high AoE.

In the right hands, Syndra is ultra beast mode, and she is kind of in the same boat as Orianna. Both require a lot of skill and both have pretty high rewards. Syndra has less utility than Orianna and I think is more difficult because missing one ability doesn't screw your combo up completely. Orianna has pretty much everything Syndra has but is slightly different in that she has slightly less burst and more utility.

If you are a person who is dedicated to learning a champion or likes a challenging, fun, and powerful champion, Syndra could be perfect for you.

Ansaa 12-05-2012 09:16 PM

I just came from a normal match where I went 6/1/4 and they surrendered early. I was playing Syndra vs Veigar, mid.

Her Q is great, it is not as easy to dodge as people say. Not at all. To poke, aim the sphere behind the enemy. A good player is cautious, so they will back off when they see an attack forming, right into the sphere! At level 9 vs a squishy, with the Passive bonus, you deal tons of damage.

Her Stun is tricky at first, but easy to get the hang of. If you miss it, or its on cooldown when you're gonna get ganked... welll you don't have many options besides flash. After playing a few games, you'll get used to it, and be able to land long range stuns, and stun while moving/fleeing!

Her W is crazy long range. Max this 2nd to get more damage, you NEED more damage. You're all about suddenly bursting them, which is why you get this over the utility E offers. It deals nice damage and offers a very teensy little slow, but casting this while running will help you escape.

Her Ult is craaazy. Its awesome! I love it when people think they can beat me, but all I do is summon a sphere before hand, Force of Will it to land either in front or behind, stun them with E (You're advancing on them whole time!) Q then instantly R them as the stun comes off. = DEAD and bewildered enemy. It happens so fast.

People need to give Syndra more of a chance, landing her abilties consistently is what makes or breaks syndra. Also, don't forget you can move while casting, and attack while casting! She isn't that bad, I'm just waiting for a pro to play her and then everyone will say "AWW 900 instant magic damage? OP!"

Skill R>Q>W>E. Practice moving and casting, landing your stuns, and landing your W/Qs too. Your mobility allows you to deal damage even while backing off, or fleeing from a ganker, something noone else in LoL can do as good as her. If your ult is up, land the (Q)W+E+Q+R or Q+E+W+Q+R combo to kill a target. They won't even touch you!

MagicMyshu 12-05-2012 11:56 PM

Syndra is a hyrbid AP/support like we've never seen before in LoL, and because of that it can be difficult at first to wrap your head around what runes/masteries/build/role you should play with her. But once you understand that she doesn't exactly play like even karma/orianna/cass, who are the closest to her mechanics wise, you can start to understand her better.

You can either go damage, support, or something in between and it takes skill to understand even which of the three paths you should take, let alone the skill it takes to line up her shots consistently.

Anyway, I love playing as her. I don't play her just to be different, I play her because she's super good. Her long range stun is easy to hit with vs your everyday player, which let's face it, is who most of us are playing against anyway, not the pros.

I usually end up going the support route with a a lil bit of AP (around 200) 40% CDR and a True Ice Shard for even more support/utility.

Dem Stuns. I can't tell you how many allies I've saved with her stun and knock backs.

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