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randpn 12-05-2012 02:07 PM

Request for LoL's preseason 3
- Add "wish-list" item slots in the shop's interface.

- When playing Dominon -- or even summoners rift -- there is a time period (about 1:20 for dominon) where people usually joke, spam abilities, plan, etc... and I thought that maybe adding wish-list-of-items slot may be useful, so that during those clutch seconds when a particular item is needed (such as true-vision based items or guardian angel), it will be even easier to purchase, rather than navigating through the button tree and watching your team die or verbally send you on a guilt trip for not responding faster; furthermore it makes those death-periods and pre-game spawn vital for preparation.

LoL is going through some game changes anyways, so why not implement this useful function while your at it? ;D

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