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Blanic 12-05-2012 12:18 PM

2 things for Eternum Noc
1) dont know if its just me but i think his face looks horrible and doesnt really match the whole pack, maybe reducing the "cheeks" of the helmet would work to make him look actually scary. Not to be mean but I see his face and i just laugh

2) were are the clever introductions to Legendary skins like the Interview whit Gentleman cho, the Nunu bot maydem, the movie-like preview of Demon Blade Trynd and how we can forget the whole propaganda and amazing videos about Pulsefire Ez.
Eternum Noc preview was really flat (kinda like Gatekeeper galio's) and unimpresive, yes his skills and voice are cool but i was expecting a futuristic presentation or something.... just my opinion.

This is what i think what you guys think about the new Legendary skin?

shadooklaw 12-06-2012 10:15 AM

Am I the only one that thinks his tail is a tad too big? Otherwise, yeah, I kinda agree. Though I didn't really expect anything GIANT for this release, something similar to BC P Cho would have been nice.

mrbob221 12-07-2012 05:43 AM

Overall, Compared to all of the other legendary skins in general, this one is a disappointment in my opinion. Compare this to Corporate Mundo, Gentleman Cho'gath, Astronaut Teemo. This one just doesn't hit as hard, not at all. It follows what Nocturne has always been, the Epitome of a nightmare. None of the other Legendary skins do that, and neither should this one. This skin is just like any of Nocturnes other skins, just a lot more hype, and a cool dance. I'll keep my $20 usd and stick with my ravanger Nocturne that I got on sale, and of which I believe is his best skin regardless.

Raypkillpillage 12-07-2012 06:59 AM

Nocturne's Face
While the general feel of the skin and the color scheme for the eternum nocturne is excellent, my eyes seem drawn to his face in the splash art. it is in his face that i see not the ravages of a painful nightmare even freddy krueger would not dare enter, but rather the smirk of a newly satisfied pedophile. This smile that has befallen nocturne is intriguing as i was unaware he even had a mouth, much less used to violate little boys. Im reminded of the jon lajoie video about pedophile beards and rapist glasses. Maybe the artist was inspired by the Guy Fawkes mask smirk in V for Vendetta. Or maybe because children are the most prone to nightmares, giving him the pedosmile is fitting. I am no artist. I have nearly zero artistic talent. But that look on his face ruins the entire feel of nocturne for me and i will not be buying this skin.

gigglebits 12-09-2012 01:09 AM

I agree the cheeks could be reduced and the overall design could be streamlined downward to make it look less like a smile, but that is my only complaint. In my opinion the skin is beautifully designed. The sounds are great, his quotes are mysterious and give a bit of lead into a different type of Nocturne.
With this skin, he is not the embodiment of a nightmare, he is a watcher and a keeper of time, the order of what is and was and shall forever be.

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