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High Nidalee 12-05-2012 07:00 AM

Ranked 5's team looking for ADC
Semi serious ranked team of 4 looking for one more, ADC role only.

We like to have a good time and joke, semi thick skin needed if you want to play with us.

-Must use vent or skype
-17 years+
-Have a good sense of humor
-a decent understanding of the game
-be good at adc

Add me in game to play a few rounds. IGN: Agusts

Scoot 12-05-2012 03:35 PM

I use skype, i am 18, i love eating babies, my main is graves, i bought ez the other day, i can also play corki, and i can also play support or mid

IGN: Edonion Amandil
YOU friend ME if you want a good ADC. lol

koolguybri 12-05-2012 08:10 PM

idk if there is an elo requirement
i use skype, can dl vent
19 years old
i would like to think i have a nice sense of humor, and a decent understanding of the game
my solo/duo ranked with ezreal is currently 17wins 4losses

IGN koolguybri

Suda 12-16-2012 04:24 PM

^ I was going to post till i saw that

mrsaucy 12-16-2012 09:14 PM


JPillz 12-17-2012 04:30 PM

I added you in-game. Let's play together sometime. I main adc and have skype!

Niqqers 12-25-2012 01:21 PM

1700 Elo ADC

MadMistro 12-27-2012 07:50 PM

have both vent and skype am 20 would some find me to be humorous but i believe that is all about personality. i don't rage, and have a good understanding of how to play the game. also, good at adc. since S3 been Duo que with a supp budd of mine and winning games. then solo getting trash and losing games. makes life oh so fun.
IGN: MadMistro

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