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Enconex 12-04-2012 11:21 PM

I don't understand
So I started this season off with around 1000 elo and by carrying my team by maining top jax/jayce I was able to get to 1249. My stats were superb, 30+ games with a 7.1 kill average, 3.1 death avg, and 8.2 assists avg. The second I get there, BAM it turned into a 1 win then lose 4 games type of deal.

Every game, and I mean EVERY game, there is either a troll who deliberately tries to lose the game, OR a case where 2-3 people on my team just don't understand when to engage, how to use wards, ect..

Obviously my stats have dropped now to a 5.8/3.8/7.2 avg, and it is only going downhill. The lower I go the worse people seem to be.

I just want to know what the easiest way to get out of this so called "elo hell" is. The problem is not that I don't know how to play all roles because I can play all of them fine, I have yet to feed my lane in ranked, and I win my lane 95% of the time. But no matter what I do, getting a win seems to be an impossible goal. I try to help my team; I ping where the support needs to ward, I tell them when to group and try to communicate as a team. I may not have the best decision making, but it is better than none at all. Please....someone tell me how to carry.

By no means am I a pro player or even close. But I think if I could get out of this elo i'd be able to compete finely against 1500-1600 elo players as I have duo queued with one before and am arguably better than him. Even he has smurfed and tried to carry me out, but to no prevail, as our teams are just that bad. You could try and argue that me being better than everyone would allow me to carry, but you have no idea the rate at which people don't know what their doing.

Forever in elo hell,

Drizzt Strife 12-05-2012 12:04 AM

You should main jungle if you do not have a duo partner. Junglers control the pace of the game, especially during the lane phase and can spread this pressure in any lane at any time. If you want to continue top lane though, I would recommend 2 things. Roam more often to gank mid and coordinate counter jungling with your jungler (if you have the advantage top) or get a duo que partner either a Jungler, Mid, or ADC.

Enconex 12-05-2012 08:54 PM

People say elo hell doesn't exist, but it does man. Past 20 or so games, 15 of them I get first blood and dominate top lane (or mid on the rare accasion I go there). But then all of a sudden I hear "DOUBLE KILL" and bot lanes enemy adc has gotten it. Then I hear "An ally has been slain!", this time mid has died. Game after game this repeats, and on the ones it doesn't? Thats when I get a troll of some sort.

Just a couple of minutes ago I got a troll mundo who sat in base laughing in chat while he watched the game. I'll admit, although I dominated my lane 3-0 while every other lane fed that game I did make some mistakes. I jumped on scarner once thinking I could take him under the my turret and near the end I randomly decided to suicide jump in the midst of their team leaving me with a score of 4/5/0, the best on my team!

What i'm trying to say is I am by no means worthy of being some 1800+ elo player, but I know i'd do fine, if not better, facing people in the 1500's

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