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Horsicorn 12-04-2012 09:54 AM

Rules of the League
The commandments of League. Break these, and I send you to elo hell.

1. It's never your fault for losing, always the team's.
2. You have already achieved your maximum skill potential; there is no room for improvement.
3. Low elo is not an accurate reflection of skill level, high elo is.
4. Any team that gets Shen, Malphite, or Blitzcrank automatically wins.
5. All champions must first be played at a pro tournament to become viable.
6. Side-by-side item comparison is for noobs; all you have to do to prove an item is the best is list what it does.
6.5 Trinity Force is a must-buy on every champion in the history of ever.
7. In champ select, first pick always gets whatever role he wants, unless that role has been called by someone else, in which case the 3rd pick must beat the last pick in a game of rock paper scissors to decide who will face the 1st pick in a game of Starcraft for the rights to contested role. Unless, however, the 3rd pick is the one who called said role, in which case we go back to step 4 where the 3rd pick and the 1st pick compete in a gymnastics competition with the other 3 picks as judges.
8. If you first pick mid, it's impossible to get countered.
9. Last pick plays support.
10. Engaging in 1200 elo theorycraft in champ select is a good pre-game morale booster.
11. Asking for a comparison of 2 champs is the equivalent of asking 50 14-year-olds to engage in a pissing contest (which reminds me, I've always wondered: does Vayne's W do more damage than Corki's passive?).
12. All new champs are OP upon release unless they're not in which case they become OP 2 weeks later.
13. Anybody who doesn't follow the meta, or tries out new strategies, especially in normal games, is a troll.
14. Valkyrie is best used as an engagement tool.
15. Wards are overrated, leave that s**t to the support.
16. Solo-queue is a fun and enjoyable experience.

I'll throw in more rules once I'm feeling cynical and sarcastic again i.e. after a few games of LoL.

Posted this in GD and then I realized it wasn't the right place to put it...or anything for that matter.

iralos7713 12-04-2012 12:16 PM

When a champ gets a nerf, no matter how small that nerf is, he/she is underpowered and isn't viable.

joe42 12-04-2012 12:20 PM

my rule negates those
rule 1: yo mama is fat cuz u fat by being a fatty

BlazzedTroll 12-04-2012 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Horsicorn (Hozzászólás 32076601)
12. All new champs are OP upon release unless they're not in which case they become OP 2 weeks later.

This is a known fact. Riot's business model is clearly laid out as such:

1. Create new OP champ
2. Wait for people to purchase, then nerf.
3. ????
4. Profit

For greater profit. Make it a carry. Wait a week after free week before nerf.


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