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Dr Salmon 12-03-2012 11:05 AM

Looking for social ~1700 top laner for ranked 5s
Title says it all, Lag NA needs a competitive, social player to take the role of top for us.

We really don't want any player under 1600 elo unless you have absolute confidence in your abilities as top. Also, we're expecting you to know how to play various tops well, not less than 5 champs. Post your in-game name, highest elo for S2 and S3, your age and which champs you play best (top 5 for example).

Our practice times, generally, would be most week nights around 7-8pm Eastern Time.

Name is Dr Salmon
Highest elo: S2 1813, S3 1884
Age: 19
Role: Adc

Dr Salmon 12-03-2012 11:08 AM


BlackWaterMaster 12-03-2012 11:58 AM

Highest ELO in S1 was 1550, S2 was 1750. Currently at mid 1500s for S3.
Age: 27
For top lane champs, my best are Vladimir, Jayce, Rengar, Singed and Jax. I play most of the top lanes proficiently.

I3itch Puddin 12-03-2012 03:27 PM

Hey guys, I'll bump this and give you a little more info on the team:

I'm the 'team captain' in title only (I'm the only original member left). We have a fairly relaxed attitude, we joke around with each other all the time.

We're looking for a top laner as our current guy has less and less time to play and so he feels like he's starting to hold us back. We scrim with some very good teams and so we're looking with someone with a great attitude and willing to try their best to improve the team.

My name is Overkill90
I'm 22
and I'm our Mid lane

If you feel up to the task feel free to message me or Salmon and we can have you join us for some games.

GuardKnight 12-03-2012 04:20 PM

Name is GuardKnight
Highest elo: S2 1820, S3 1560
Age: 16
Role: Top
Champs: Nasus, Volibear, Darius, Jax, Renekton

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