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Mista Yeah 12-03-2012 12:28 AM

creating a team for s3
all position are open at the moment
please fill this out and i will contact you ingame or via skype
must be able to play multiple lanes
no elo requirement
skype required
and have at least 60 plus champs

positions played:
est champs owned:
Skype: y/n
best champ:
worst champ:
can you take constructive critisism: y/n
a little about yourself:

Huffalumps 12-03-2012 12:39 PM

ign: huffalumps
age: 14
positions played: mid, top
elo: 930 due to trolls and people with very little skill
est champs owned: i own 55 champs and can play every single one of them
best champ: mid: akali, orianna katarina. top: olaf, darius, shen jax lee si malph
about me: i may be young but am mature and can handle critiscm aswell as i have been playing pc games for 3 years now and playing league for 2 and a half.
availiblilty: i can usually play starting from 3 - 5:30 and or 7:00 10:00 on weekends i can usually play from 7 - 3. i will have sports some days for about an hour a day.

Cyphér 12-03-2012 12:54 PM

ign: Cyphér
age: 22
positions played: mid/jungle/adc/support
elo: 1200
est champs owned: I can play any champion with decent skill.
Skype: y/n YES, cypher2091
best champ: Kog/Malz/Maokai/Talon
worst champ: Probably Lee Sin
can you take constructive critisism: y/n Yes
a little about yourself: Enjoys long walks on the beach. HAHA. I have great communication. Great map awareness. I have been told I play well with others? lol
availability: when i wake up to when i go to sleep....no real schedule.

aharon 12-03-2012 12:54 PM

positions played: Top mid
elo: 1200
est champs owned:77
Skype: y/n yes
best champ: olaf/orianna
worst champ: Ryze. **** ryze
can you take constructive critisism: y/n yes
a little about yourself: Great player but need a serious team with a practice regimen and drive to win
availability: Whenever

shamaniam 12-03-2012 12:57 PM

Name: sham =)
Age: 34
Ign (Summoner Name): shamaniam
Solo Rating: 1420 somethn last season. my second account was also silver.
Role: MID OR FEED!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Champs for above Role: Swain, Brand, Syndra, Ori, Annie, Ahri, Mord, Morg, Ryze, Vlad, kennen. those are the ones im good with. i play any ap mid but anivia/TF or kat/fizz really.
Worst Champ: gota be jayce tried 1x and fail super hard.
Availability: i work fir sat 11pm-7am. other than that i pick up shifts here and there sometimes but i have plenty of free time. i would love to have set times that i could show up for =)
i can take constructive criticism and am looking to get better.

I have been playing this game since before it had seasons lol. i own all the champs and almost every rune. 20 pages im gtg. season 1 i focused on learning all the roles and playing all the champs. this last season i focused entirely on mid lane. i was on a decently serious team for almost 1/2 a year as mid lane. I am not the best for sure but definitely feel i have a large game knowledge and good mechanics.

lilroot916 12-03-2012 01:00 PM

positions played:adc
elo:s2 1486 s3 1286
est champs owned:80+
Skype: yes
best champ:vayne
worst champ: ori
can you take constructive critisism: yes
a little about yourself: Im a calm person. been playing LOL for about 2 yrs. Im really competive but strive to learn from every game and help better everyone around me.
availability: monday-sunday about all day

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