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BigNoob 12-02-2012 10:22 PM

(SUGGESTION) include the pregame chat in tribunal reports hope that helps XD
How about including the pregame chat in the tribunal reports? everygame i play i get trolled on by my team wether it is stealing my lane or insulted before the game happens. then i get them being really nice in game and not saying anything at all then i get upset and i start feeding or cursing at them which is wrong now that i have learned and then i get the report and punished for it. that was before i new the summor code and if a game modirator sees it im sorry for that, now i know the code, plz dont ban me for my mistakes before XD i will not behave in such a way. sorry again. havent got a ban yet keep my fingers crossed but i think its worth while including the pregame chat as well.

Second suggestion is minor one compared to above but it would be nice to include a comment section with ur tribunal decision wether it is pardon or punish. some i know they have offended the code but i can see ppl r really pissing them off or i really think this guy should get a temporary ban or letter becuase he jst a total nincompoo and completly ruining the game for others, when just pressing the punish button is not enough, i feel i need to add my comment on how totally rude and innaprorpirate he is. thy for ur time hope my suggestions help the community.

love lol fun game

Redwaters 12-03-2012 09:33 AM

^ agree 100% about the pregame chat.
Thats where 80% of the trolling happens in my game. They talk **** pregame and get people mad then troll and feed all game. so sad really =/

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