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Hunna211 12-02-2012 05:50 PM

**** ELO Hell
So, I started the season off great. I was 16-7, sitting around 1300 elo. Considering I started playing about 3 months before the end of last seaosn, I thought I might actually be able to start this one off with a decent solo queue rating. Wrong. I went from being 16-7 right at 1300 elo, to now being 20-19, and at 1152. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I played perfect every game here... but literally every single loss I have had, has been from the exact same thing happening in every game. Either top lane and/or bottom lane feed their lane, making careless plays, over-extending, not warding, etc. Then, they complain that I (I jungle most games) haven't come to babysit their lane b/c they can't understand how to play defensive and farm or buy wards. This literally has happened in every single game now that I have lost. It's normally coupled with the adc having complete downs. My last game our adc went 0-7. I'm a horrible adc, I have no runes, hardly any champs, and next to no experience playing one. Yet, when I do get stuck playing it, I can at least get a ****ing kill.

This **** is so bad, that last night while it happened again during a game, my team's Alistar tried to get the other team to report me for "feeding". I was the only person on the team to take a tower in that game. While I did end up being something like 1-9, I literally got 0 help from out jungler who babysat bot the entire game. They literally sat bot for 10 min with 4 people and couldn't take it against 2-3 people holding it. After the game during score screen when this kid tried to get the other team to report me, EVERY SINGLE one of them took my side, and agreed it was his fault for feeding bot and that our jungler was garbage. Our jungler ended a 29 min game with 47 cs. 47. I'll let that sink in real quick. Yet this horrible support that had zero map awareness was defending the jungler. It ended in the entire other team reporting Ali and our jungler, and all honoring me. It was so ****ing noticeable everyone on the other team felt bad for me... and this has been happening for the past 12 games straight now.

How the hell do you get out of this **** ass elo and get away from all the trolls and complete down syndrome kids? It seems impossible for me, when every game bot and/or top lane feeds then blames someone else and throws the game.

Snipawolfe 12-02-2012 06:35 PM

Right. You know, people on the other team feed, afk, and blame others too right? Just make sure you're one less person going negative or feeding and you'll win more often than you lose.

Ghirahim 12-02-2012 06:49 PM

(This wasn't a ranked game) I had one game where my bottom lane was just intentionally feeding while my top and mid lane were completely dominating. As a jungler you need to have the team on your back. I was jungling that game with Mundo, quite possibly one of my worst champions. I got my top and mid lane massively fed and we were able to win the game.

I know there are bad players in ranked games. They are everywhere, and you wont ever escape them. I have a general rule for ranked. Don't play unless you can carry the game regardless of what role you play. If one lane is feeding hard. Ignore that lane, and focus on getting other lanes ahead., and if you're going to gank that lane, coordinate it with others to get the most out of it. You can always win unless your entire team is losing. Then in which case, it's a 20min surrender.

Hunna211 12-02-2012 08:13 PM

No, you people don't understand. Literally every game I'm on the team with the most trolls. First game after making this post, bot fed yet again. I was jungling cho, went 1-1-2. Our adc was 1-4-1, with 90 cs in a 23 min game. The support was 0-6-2, and our top lane picked kayle into wukong and went 2-7-3.

The game I played after that, some toolbag starts trolling on champ select screen. He's last pick, calls jungle after I do, then says he's going to feed and throw the game if he doesn't get jungle. I end up playing sona so this ****** won't troll. My adc doesn't even load into the game until 1:30 into it, and doesn't make it to minions until 1/2 way through 2nd wave. Jungler dies 2 times, then laughs and quits, making it a 4v5. I got stuck supporting so this ****** could jungle and not troll, and he ****ing trolls anyway. Not only that, out cho up top had the wrong masteries, and our morde in mid had 0 armor/mr and only 20 ap.

Bout to do another, and I'm sure the same bull**** is going to happen yet again. I've also started taking ss's of this bull****, just in case someone thinks im making this **** up.

SoUrDiEzHeL711 12-02-2012 08:18 PM

I completely understand where you're coming from, I've started COUNTLESS games with a 10-0 score or better, and had four teammates that had about 4 brain cells combined between all of them. I just don't get what compels a god awful player to queue for ranked, I mean I know bad people are going to play this game, but what makes them want to ruin it for everybody else that actually understands this game. I mean when you show you don't even understand the basic fundamentals, play bots or normals, don't troll people that could easily be in the gold bracket.

SoUrDiEzHeL711 12-02-2012 08:19 PM

Then you got to hear "Im checking your elo after this" or "Elo hell exists". I remember watching a member from TPA, world champion team, clearly explain how your elo basically only reflects to what degree you've been trolled.

adc 12-02-2012 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by SoUrDiEzHeL711 (Hozzászólás 32027928)
Then you got to hear "Im checking your elo after this" or "Elo hell exists". I remember watching a member from TPA, world champion team, clearly explain how your elo basically only reflects to what degree you've been trolled.

There has to be video of this.

SevenVHeaven 12-02-2012 09:45 PM

I just returned from 4 ranked games, all loses. It was horrible.

The first time I blame myself, yes, I ended feeding a Wu Kong with 4 kills as Riven, but also mid fed a Diana worse than me and she was who ended killing us all.

Next one I was Vayne, and I swear I almost threw my laptop to the floor, my Nidalee support was useless, didn't ward, didn't get Support items, didn't even harass with the spears, kept stealing my creeps, but she wasn't the main problem, no, the main problem was Diana mid who fed an AP Yi. Yes, an AP Yi that bodied us all and ended with 25 kills.

Last 2 games I was support Taric and Nunu respectively, being ADC and Support my best roles. People dropped hard the first game, Kat was doing no damage at all and again, we lost; then as Nunu me and Miss Fortune were doing great but no, of course no, somebody else has to kill the game doesn't matter how good we're doing. Mid ended feeding a Lux so hard her ult drained more than half of our lives, then she simply snowballed until carrying the whole enemy team. With that my 100% Win streak as Nunu was lost.

I'm tired of this, I really need a duo partner but still I fear the other lanes will kill the matches for me. I always do my best but it's useless...

Now I fell to 1094 ELO, in S2 I was unranked but going to 1300 ELO with ease, now today, 4 losses in a row...it's depressing

PogoPogoPogoPogo 12-02-2012 09:49 PM


You have more kills than deaths in literally zero of your ten most recent matches. And of those 10 games, you only played as a support once. Yes, it's definitely 100% your teammates fault you're losing matches. If only you had better teammates to carry you to victory.

Hunna211 12-02-2012 11:08 PM

Pogo, you are retarded. Of course I'm going to have have more deaths than kills in a game I lost b/c another lane (almost always bot) fed. Either the enemy teams adc, mid, jungler, or top gets fed. They push down turrets, b/c the lanes can't hold their lane. The support never wards. I can't spend all of my gold on wards. This then means we have no vision, with a super fed adc, apc, or bruiser. The lanes snowball out of control. But this apparently didn't cross your simple mind. No, you are too thick for that. In almost every loss, I had a positive k/a:d ratio before the enemy got too fed. Or in my game as singed, got zero help from the jungler while he camped bot and still didn't take a turret. Enemy team knew that and took advantage of it, even with me warding. But hey, you apparently are so good you can carry completely thrown games, so explain to me how to do. Go ahead, I'll wait while u explain how to carry a game where top lane has wrong mastery's and feeds, bot lane has 16 deaths out of the 30 total, and jungler has 48 cs in a 29 min game. Your move.

EDIT: Way to hide on a lvl 5 alt account kid lol. Talk a big game over the interwebs, don't ya?

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