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MajesticRaven 11-30-2012 07:43 PM

"Damnit Damnit DAMNIT!" The sheriff of Piltover was standing over a table knealt down, her brown hair tucked to once side so it would not obstruct her vision of the various cards, clues, pictures, and any scribbles Caitlyn had made during her investigations. From her first case at age 14 and every case since, she had always caught every criminal, every piece of filth, and yet one eluded her.

No...it wasn't just eluding her, he was mocking her, challenging her skills, and so far he kept to the dark. "I just don't understand. I am always there on time, prepared, ready, and you get by every time. Who are you, how do you think, what does it take to defeat you?" Caitlyn made a fist on the table and pushed her forehead against it, increasing the pressure so much she started to hurt her hand. "WHO!" Lifting up her head she dragged both hands across the table and threw everything against the wall to her right, before flipping the table over to her left. Everything was a mess, and she walked out of the room avoiding various strings that were pinned up around her room. Maybe a practice match would help her blow off some steam.

30 minutes later.

"Fate, mind if I ask you something?" Caitlyn had walked out of a slaughter match. She had a very experienced summoner sharing her mind, but Miss Fortune, being ironically misfortune, did not. The opposing team had held out for a long time, but mostly because Caitlyn's summoner felt like toying with them. Exiting the Violet Team's summoning chamber along side her briefly friendly Twisted Fate ally, she wanted to go over something one more time.

"Is it about my cards...again?" Caitlyn rubbed her forehead as they entered a nearby shop. The shop specialized in various beverages that helped calm the mind of champions after League Matches, as some could be quite traumatic. She imagined that Miss Fortune had barged into the Blue Team's shop to rapidly down any drinks she could find. Dying twenty times in thirty minutes could be dangerous to the mind.

"I know, I know, but I just want to go over this one more time." Fate was the only one she knew that specialized in cards. There were few gypsies that would travel to Freljord due to it's weather conditions. Very few people to rob or con, so they mostly traveled to Demacia, Piltover, or Zaun.

"Didn't you write everything I told you down last time just so we could avoid this conversation after the fifth time? You haven't missed anything, I've told you everything I know and this will be the sixth time you've heard it, not to mention how ever many times you read it after you wrote it." Fate, who normally didn't order anything from the Inn, called a waitress and had them bring him a nerve-calming drink. Considering how one sided the match had been, Caitlyn could only assume she was the cause of his drink.

"Yes yes, but something about hearing it..." Caitlyn was cut off.

"Something about hearing it lets you analyze it in a different way for lies or deception. That's what you said last time." The waitress brought Fate his drink and he quickly downed half of it before dabbing any drops that had attempted escape down his chin with a napkin. "I don't know anything about a 'C', or where they get their cards. I've had the same deck of rig...stac....magic playing cards my whole life." Fate coughed, but Caitlyn already knew his deck was a cheat deck, so she ignored his blatant dodge of the truth. "I'm sure you've interrogated every person gambling or playing with a deck of cards under the sun, maybe you're just looking for a gimmick. Just because they use cards doesn't mean they are a master at poker or blackjack. Could be a false lead."

"It's the only lead I have, and it's a lead that is laughing at my face." Caitlyn started to grit her teeth and shouted at the waitress. The small little lady serving drinks jumped and dashed back behind the kitchen.

"Doesn't help that you can't keep a cool head about it, you're probably clouding your own thinking." Fate finished his drink and tipped his hat before a flurry of fans wrapped around his body and he vanished from sight.

"Here you are, and that will be five gold pieces." Caitlyn took a sip and then had a spit take before turning to the waitress.

"What the hell do you mean five gold pieces? This drink is only two gold pieces!" The waitress pulled a card from her pocket and read off of it.

"It says: My friend the Sheriff says she had such a great practice match she was feeling generous and would cover the tab." She lowered the card and looked at Caitlyn patiently for the money.

"You're lying, there's no way he fit that onto a playing card!" Caitlyn yanked the card from the waitress who yelped, unprepared for the sudden taking of the card. Pulling around the magnifying glasses on her hat she looked across the card reading slowly. "Friend....great practice match...cover the tab. Well...you know I'd probably be pissed about him doing this if I wasn't so impressed by this note. Fine, here you go." Caitlyn placed the money on the table and shooed the waitress away. She drooped onto the table slowly, placing the Fate card and the C card side by side on the table, looking between the letter C and the three cs on the card.

"Still no match...and if he was the thief he could just teleport away." Caitlyn was tired, tired of chasing, tired of clues, tired of being tired, and as the drink slowly settled her nerves and her mind she drifted to sleep on the table.

MajesticRaven 11-30-2012 07:44 PM


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