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HotShotBG2EZ 11-30-2012 10:11 AM

Any Big Akali Mid Players Have Advice ?
Like what matchups can I pick Akali into ? What should I be building ? How should I get to 6 ? (Lol very carefully ? ) I want to play her mid cause I feel like it maximizes her roaming potential and it theoretically seems like if you reach 6 and their mid doesn't have any really hard cc and can't match her burst you can just continually all in them with an easy escape if you save one ult to dash back to creeps in case the all in fails.

Help ? :D

Wonshikee 11-30-2012 10:15 AM

There's not a single matchup in which Akali has an advantage mid, it's always an uphill fight until you hit 6.

So your job is to simply outplay them until 6, then make them pay.

Using shroud to get close (time and position it so the enemy loses out on CS if they back off) and procing your mark does substantial burst damage for early pressure, but focus on CSing and not falling too far behind.

The Manberg 11-30-2012 10:19 AM

I just try not to get harassed till 6. Save up a couple marks if you can at 6 and then all in them. Go sheen if you think you can just continually 100/0 them at that point. Hextech after or before sheen is good too.

But yeah. Akali isn't a super competitive mid atm. team play or skill can beat her really easily early.

Arkensth 11-30-2012 10:22 AM

Squish mids with no CC like Karthus get wrecked by Akali after 6. This is of course providing the enemy jungler isn't a god.

IS12c9caee90c700fc71890 11-30-2012 10:24 AM

I know it sucks but this is serious.

Try Diana instead.

Does what Akali does, it's just safer, stronger, and overall better.

universe within 11-30-2012 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by Nerf Plos (Hozzászólás 31951131)
I know it sucks but this is serious.

Try Diana instead.

Does what Akali does, it's just safer, stronger, and overall better.

This. Just pick Diana she is akali but better.

Waz Joe 11-30-2012 10:29 AM

Make sure your passive on Akali procs when you get into game. So gotta make sure you have right masteries and runes. Throw shroud down on them / on minions and walk along the edges to get the cs. Try to get Revolver first. Finish your boots and finish Gunblade. Go for Rylais or if your completely destroying you can rush Rabas. What some people don't realize is that any champ can beat there counter if you know the other champs skills. You just have to know when too go in. After your jungler does wraiths a couple times start taking them yourself for the extra xp+gold. Make sure to roam often if you push out mid tower so they have to sit at tower and cs.

Holy Malevolence 11-30-2012 10:37 AM

Play safe 'till six. Usually a simple task.
Don't **** with Viktor.

Cerulean Laser 11-30-2012 10:44 AM

Diana is not Akali plz stop saying that. Akali can burst faster because of the effect of Mark of the Assassin.
~You have a way better chance of stopping a Fed Diana than you do a fed Akali.

Grann Brigitte 11-30-2012 11:04 AM

Akali and Diana are as different as...wait for it...NIGHT AND DAY.

That didn't even work, but it was very in the spirit of Diana. But the point is they are very different.

Diana and Akali have a pretty similar pre-6, although diana's is safer if they do not buy a pink ward. If they don't pink you pre-6, akali is quite easy. Diana can stay in the lane a bit better due to her shield mitigating some harass and her long range cs ability, but akail can last hit pretty well with q and not push the lane, and use her shroud on the tower to get near perfect last hits. At 6, akali is 200% scarier than diana, simply because you cannot dodge any of her damage, you cannot ever flash away, and her spell vamp is likely coming online, meaning harassing is not going to be a means to control her anymore.

The thing about akali is she gets all this free gold from her passive, and it scales with itself. Akali can build pretty much any damage item and it will still be pretty good because of the bonus scaling she gets. Of course hextech gunblade is just kind of awesome for akali, as it gives her the CC and burst to kill pretty much anything, on top of being incredibly stat efficient- akali ends up with like...30+ spell vamp from that one item, and bonus AD, and 16% bonus damage on hit. But the thing about akali is you have options! Lately, I am in the habit of going Hexdrinker into pistol, simply because an Akali with a hexdrinker can simply never be stopped early game.

Akali normally builds into AP, so not only does her massive spell vamp just get scarier, but her auto attacks just keep becoming more dangerous- It isn't uncommon for an akali to reach the point where every auto does an ''auto-crit'' of spell damage equal to that attack.

Diana doesn't scale nearly as well- frankly, I don't find diana scary at all past the midgame, whereas akali will always scare me because items do so much on her. Diana get's one shot in the fight to hit her target with Q, and then she has to wait again to actually burst someone down. Akali just jumps on your carry...then jumps on him when he flashes...then jumps on him when you try to peel her...and then he is dead. And then akali gets another charge of her ult, so she leaps to the next lowest person..then the next...and before you know it, PENTAKILL.

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