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Dessiato 11-29-2012 12:32 PM

Another one of those threads.
I am an aspiring League of Legends player, and although I believe I am skilled, I have much to gradually improve on.

I have gotten a decent grasp of map awareness, game flow, csing, lane control, timing, and positioning at level 26, for I strived for it, I really did. I am motivated to become a great player, but I still wonder if I am doing something wrong.

Probably around 4/10 games I play, I lose, and recently, all of those I have been doing my job, I have been going positive, encouraging strong play from my fellow support, and being a helpful player to help us inch out the wins.

My losses as my recent main Draven I don't want to attribute to my team, but I wonder how much more I could of possibly done? I am still improving at a rapid pace, but I worry that once I play a few hundred more games then progress into ranked I will still see the same issue, I worry if finding better players is a pipe dream.

I hear people say all the time that if you are skilled you can carry your team out of a loss, but around 40% of the time, my team makes far too many positioning mistakes to cover or rectify.

My recent matches; http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/34552744#history

This may sound like a petty complaint, and it might be, but I am just looking for some realistic advice.

Ayame Kiyoshi 11-29-2012 01:18 PM

People say that if you're skilled enough you can carry your team. There are literally tens of videos showing high elo players at low elo. Even SVicious has one that you can easily find on his YouTube account.

I have seen your match history, but what I don't know is your positioning skills in-game, lane control, timing an game flow and all the other things. For CS-ing, you're decent for level 26. What I would recommend is watching a few AD Carry streams of high-ranked professional players. They usually either explain or mention what they are doing. Look up guides and read everything you can. Save what you wrote in a Word Document and come back to it after you've played, say, 200 matches.

PS: Don't que in ranked as soon as you get level 30, if you're not fully confident you're ready for it.

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